15 Ways To Better Arrange All The Little Things You Shop For.

 15 ways to decorate your house better...

You love to shop, no doubt about it. And you love to decorate your little castle, be it a studio, an apartment, a condo, a vacation home on a lake... It does not matter because the only thing you want is for that space to be chic, elegant, spacious, modern and elegant. Especially these days that the monster "Inflation" is eating up all your money and buying power, so when you go out and buy the little things that you like, need and can afford, you want to make them all look good, or make them all look like they did cost way more than you paid for them, so that when your loved ones come over they could congratulate you on having such a nice place. But just how do you make things look as elegant as they do in those expensive stores, how do you make your bed look as inviting  as it was when you bought it at the store and they had decorated it so beautifully? In other words, how do you live on a budget, and yet make your house look like a million dollar home? Well don't fret my friend, because today I am going to share with you 15 ways to better arrange all the little things you shop for, and that will only be just the beginning for you, because by then your creative juices will really begin to flow. Kind of like when you go to school, you learn the basics of what others have done, and then your creative mind take over and begin to build on that to push the envelope to the next level. So Class Is Now In Session.


Stash your laundry hampers in extra deep drawers.

 15 ways to decorate your house..
See how they did this here


Hide your router in fancy storage boxes.

 15 ways to decorate your house..
See how she did this here


Or hollow out an old book.

 15 ways to decorate your house..


Use electrical tape to makeover your washing machines.

 15 ways to decorate your house..
If you get sick of your stripes and polka dots, they’re easily removable.


Wallpaper the fridge.

 15 ways to decorate your house..
They make removable wallpaper just for this purpose.


Or give it a coat of chalkboard paint.

 15 ways to decorate your house..
A great place to add decorative doodles, grocery lists, and to do lists.


This crown molding shelf hides your paper towels.

 15 ways to decorate your house...
You can buy this here


Use clear MUJI bottle dispensers as an elegant way to store your not-so-pretty beauty products.

Hate the way your Cetaphil dispenser or Pantene products look? Empty the product into one of these lovely MUJI pump bottles


Use door mats and spray paint to make a decorative vent or electrical box cover.

 15 ways to decorate your house..
She spraypainted her doormat a metallic copper color.


Use an inexpensive printed canvas from IKEA to hide your flatscreen TV.

 15 ways to decorate your house..
See how they did this here


Similarly, hide a thermostat or home alarm with a canvas on hinges.

 15 ways to decorate your house..
All it takes is a flip to access it. Get the full directions here


Hide your cords in trim work.

 15 ways to decorate your house..
This will make your television blend in seamlessly with the mantel and fireplace. See how they accomplished this here


Update a dresser to create a drawer for your printer.

 15 ways to decorate your house..
No one needs to see your giant gray dot matrix printer. Get the instructions for this clever DIY here


Turn wires into wall art with these “Wire Bloom Clips.”

 15 ways to decorate your house..
Get them from Amazon


Transform a plain door with paint and masking tape.

 15 ways to decorate
This easy DIY
 adds depth and class to any boring door.

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 15 ways to better decorate your house..

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