12 Ways To Laugh With These Funny Bears

 12 funny Bears you will love a lot...

When you hear the word "Bear", fear automatically grips you, since all you can think about is that Death is coming your way and you will experience a lot of pain in the process as the Bear is tearing up your skin and ripping your bones apart. But I must tell you that this is more myth than fiction, and that most type of Bears are misunderstood. And in all reality, the chance of you encountering a Bear in your lifetime is at about zero, unless you make a point to go into Bear territory, or you buy a house in an area where Bear lives because the stupid and greedy developer decided to push the Bears out and cut down all trees and put up cheap houses. But with that said let me share with you some real facts about Bears, so that you can understand this great Animal much better. 

  1. The most accurate way to determine the age of a bear is to count the rings in a cross section of its tooth root under a microscope.
  2. Bears have two layers of fur. A short layer of fur keeps the bear warm. And a long layer keeps water away from the skin and short fur. Bears live as long as 30 years in the wild. One captive brown bear lived to the age of 47. Bears are very smart and have been known to roll rocks into bear traps to set off the trap and eat the bait in safety.
  3. Bears are bowlegged. This gives them better grip and balance.
  4. Only the polar bear is a true carnivore. All other bears are omnivores, or animals that eat both plants and meat.
  5. Sun bears have the longest claws of any bear. They also have the longest tongues, which can reach 9.8" long.
  6. Bears can run up to 40 miles per hour, fast enough to catch a running horse. The fastest known human alive today is Usain Bolt, who can run 27 mph.
  7. The shape of a bear’s claw differs according to the type of bear. Bears that climb, such as black bears, have claws that are curved and strong to allow them to claw at tree bark. Bears that dig, such as grizzly bears, have straight and long claws
And Now Here Are 12 Ways To Laugh With These Funny Bears:
 12 ways to laugh with The Bears..

2. That's What You Get For Keeping A Great Bear In Captivity. All animals deserve to be Free.
 12 Bears that will amaze you..

 12 Bears you will love..

4. Just Singing Along, I Am A Great Bear And This Human Left Me All This After He Ran Away..
12 ways to laugh with Bears..

5. Hiiiiii, I don't know who you are, But Helllloooooo!
 12 great Bears that are so friendly...

 12 amazing Bears that will make you laugh..

 12 Bears that will make your day..

 12 funny bears that will make you laugh..

 12 great Bears you will love..

 12 Bears you will laugh with..

 12 Bears that you will love..

 12 Bears that are so funny..



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 12 Bears you will love..

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