12 Money Jokes To Help Your Biz Make More Of It.

 12 Views To Have To Make Serious Money..

What is money and why does it have so much power in this world causing great Havoc? And why can't you seem to ever get enough of it? Because it is a fact that if you live in the modern part of the world and not in the Amazon jungle, then you need money every single day of your life to drink water, to eat any food, to have any kind of light, to sleep anywhere, to transport yourself to any place and to even go have a good time. Because you don't own any fresh water lakes, you just can't cut down trees - leave the root - and build a house, you can't just light up lamps in your house all summer and winter long etc... So You Need Money. And as a business owner, your duty is to help your brothers and sisters who are your customers to get what they really need so they could live a better life. And whether you are providing a service,  or helping them with knowledge or selling them badly needed products, they will need them so they could live. Because even if they have some kind of money, they are going to have to buy some kind of services like cable, telephone, alarm system, or they will need to buy products like cars, books, homes, furniture, computers and they will even have to buy resources like water, electricity, air conditioned, and not to forget they will have to pay for knowledge for how to do things, how to make more money, how to be healthy, how to live safely.... And this is where you come into their lives, because you too need the same monies they do, because you also face the problems in the modern world as they do. And this is why you have to offer your services, your knowledge, your products so they can barter with you and hand you a certain amount of money. And of course you already know, the more money you make or have, the easier your life is, the more money you invest, the more money will comeback to you, thereby keep on making your life easier for years and even generations to come like the Rockefeller 's, the Carnegie 's, the Gates... So stop playing around, stop believe that crap that you don't need money and all you need is love. Because you can't even have Love if you can't take your sweetheart out on a date, if you can't buy a decent house for you all to live in, if you can't provide an education for your loved ones, if you can't pay for health care, because without these all you are going to have are stresses, arguments, blames, disrespect and not Love. So this is why today I am sharing 12 Money Jokes To Help Your Biz Make More Of It, so you can renew your focus on your money goals... Your Certified Business Coach, James Dazouloute










 12 Jokes About Money To Force You To Make More Of It...

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