12 Life Hacks You Can Use To Start A Business.

 12 ideas to create products to make money...

Starting A Business is the ultimate goal for you to accomplish in this modern world, because you were never created to be working for another man, but to work alongside him and trade or barter your qualities, your experiences, your gifts, your skills. And this is why we have so much trouble in this world nowadays, since men have become subservient  to other men, instead of remaining completely equal. And since then men have been doing their best to dominate other men, to enslave other men, to belittle other men, to take away the dignity of other men, to demoralize other men... etc. And so you must not, under any circumstances, allow yourself to work for any other person on this planet, because you are supposed to work alongside them and sharing your gifts while loving one another. And so this is why you must start your own business in order to share your gifts with other human beings, in order to barter your skills for some of their resources, in order to exchange ideas, in order to help another human being to have a better life.... And then you can pass on this knowledge and wisdom to all the people within your circle, and that is when all the wars will stop, that is when all the hate and prejudice will cease, when all the greed to hoard all natural resources will stop, this is when the caste system will stop, when the top one percent will stop trying to grab all the resources which they never created and begin to share with one and all. But how do you start a business? How do you get your dreams to manifest in a manner where you can make a good living while helping others? Well my friend, ideas are all around you on things that people need, on services they need help with and on knowledge they need imparted to them. And you may not think that you have anything to offer, but I must ask you to look around you and you will see and realize that each person was born with a particular gift from God and all he or she has to do is to begin recognizing such gift and begin to use it (Mine is sharing knowledge and teaching secret things to you) . And the great thing about that is they all need each other, because God never gives everything to only one person. No, He/She gives a gift to be a Doctor to one person, another gift to another to become a Mechanic, a nice gift to this person to become an Aviator, a new gift to that person to be a Contractor etc.. So that way each person will need another person, not to be their slave, their worker, their servant, but to be doing business together and begin sharing their gifts to barter with, to trade with, and to exchange services on an equal level. And if one doesn't need what the other person's gift is (Mechanic), but need that person's gift (Doctor), then that when is when money, gold or silver comes in to complete the exchange. So I hope that by now you are getting it all down. And to begin helping you today, I am going to share with you 12 Life Hacks You Can Use To Start A Business, because people will always need to make their life easier, and you can create a product from those ideas for exactly that purpose. Your Certified Business Coach, James Dazouloute


12 ideas to make money with...

12 ideas to create products to make money..

12 ideas to create products to make money..

12 ideas to create products to make money...

12 ideas to create products for your business..

12 life hacks to make money with...
12 life hacks to make money with..


12 life hacks for your business to make money..


12 easy ways to make money with ideas..

12 ideas that will make you money..

12 life hacks to help you create products...

12 ideas to help you create products...

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12 life hacks for your business to sell.

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