12 Genius Ideas That Can Make Your Biz Money.

 12 ideas to create your product line to make money...

Making money is a must, since you need it in this physical realm in order to eat, to drink, to have shelter and to pay for the necessary utilities. And this is a fact of life, you need to try and do your best to make some money, but the crazy thing about making money is that you don't need to be a Genius for you to come up with great ideas, or amazing products. Because you now live in a world of the information age, meaning there is constant knowledge being provided for you along with videos and pictures Online. And all you have to do to make money is to have a fresh perspective on things, because nothing is new under the sun, and no matter what you come up, I can guarantee you that somebody else already thought about it. Don't believe me? Do a search Online right now about any subject you can think of, and you will get back at least 10,000 pages of information about that thing, no matter how obscure that thing you need to know might be. And that happens because all humans are interconnected spiritually and mentally, and no matter what you are thinking about right now I guarantee you that there is another person on the other side of the world who is thinking about the exact same thing. And you saw this during World War II and during the Cold War, where one Scientist comes up with an invention, and on the other side of the world another great Scientist comes up with that same exact invention or one slightly better than it, and then when each one files for a patent, they both accuse each other of having stolen each other's idea. Although they had no human connection whatsoever that could get them to even know about each other. And so as you can see, nothing is really unique and don't forget what this civilization is inventing now like nuclear energy - a long time in the Indian continent they had that technology already. So what you have to do is take a look around you and see all the products that you are using along with the ones others are using daily, and simply ask yourself: How can I make that product better? Just like when you have done a search Online for a particular subject, and you get 10,000 pages of results and as you begin to explore each website that talks about that subject, you will see that they are all 80% similar with the same information. But somewhere along the way, one of the websites will take that same fact and put a new spin on it, add some great photos about it and even made a great video about it. And that site will stand out and become number one. Or think about the automobile industry, and you will see that all the cars have all the same basic structures, such as: Doors, engine, seats, tires, trunk, bumpers, frame, suspension... but ask yourself: What makes one car worth $15,000 and another is selling for $125,000, when they all have the same basic structures? Well somewhere along the way, someone took a basic car and added new twists to it, and loaded it up with great extras, and even made everything about that car very superior. So as you can see, they did not invent another product, but kept the same car invention, and only added new twists to it. And so for you to make a lot of money, all you have to do is look at what's been invented and add new twists to them, add better features on them. And with that frame of mind, this is why today I am sharing with You 12 Genius Ideas That Can Make Your Biz Money, just so you could get your creative juices flowing and coming out with what people badly need. Your Certified Business Coach, James Dazouloute

12 ways to make money with these life hacks..

12 ideas to use to create products..

12 ideas to use to create products..

12 ideas to use to make money..

12 ways to make money with life hacks..

12 ways to make money with life hacks..

12 ways to make money with these ideas..

12 ideas to make money with...

12 ideas to make money with..

12 ways to make money with ideas..

12 ways to make money with ideas..

12 ideas to make money with..

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12 ideas to make money with...

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