12 Funny Zombies You Will Laugh At Anytime

 12 Funny Zombies To Laugh At Right Now..

Zombies will come, no doubt about it. And the real question is, will You be a Zombie? And I know that you will quickly say no, but not if you take the time to think about what a Zombie is. Because a Zombie is a dead person whose brain has been re-animated but without the senses being awakened. And this being just walks around doing any bidding it is told to and looks for food, mostly flesh. Now ask yourself: Are we not a society of Carnivores? Don't most of us do what we're told by the news media, the politicians, the religious folks? And don't most of us spend our whole life being a Zombie on the Internet, a Zombie walking around only looking at our cell phones, a Zombie eating all chemically induced food so our brains can get animated? So again, will you be a Zombie when the time comes? And whether you think so or not, the realization that Zombies are coming should be apparent to you now when you hear in the news that a homeless man in Florida was eating another man's flesh under a bridge and the Police had to shoot him, then you have to hurry up and get ready to protect yourself and your loved ones. But in the meantime, I am going to help you not to have any fear of Zombies, because I am helping you to break them down as the simple beings that they are. So Here Are 12 Funny Zombies You Will Laugh At Anytime:








8. Are You Not Already A Zombie Right Now?


10. Funny Zombie being done wrong..

11. Funny Zombie with no eyes in its head

12. Friendly Funny Zombie..
 12 Very Funny Zombies you will laugh at right now..

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 12 Funny Zombies to laugh at right now..

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