12 Funny Weight Loss Pictures To Laugh And Lose.

 12 Funny ways to lose weight laughing...

What is it about losing extra or unwanted Weight that has most people stupefied? And why is there a vicious cycle of gaining weight, losing weight, gaining weight...? And I ask you these questions Beloved, because people and vultures of marketing, seem to be making too much of this Weight Loss issue. And don't get me wrong, it is a big deal when you have added quite a few extra pounds with a lot of fat, because that situation will take a serious toll on your body and affect your health in all parts of your body. And I can't even take enough time to share with you just how many diseases will come upon you to make you sick and may even lead to paralyzing you or even killing you when you are grossly overweight or obese, but all I can tell you is that Society along with the Health and Wellness Marketing Gurus, all make too much out of this.

And once they get into people head, then Weight Loss becomes such a great issue in their mind that this is all they can think about and nothing else. And you already know that whatsoever you focus on will expand, on top of that it will stress you and cause you to lose sleep and lower your metabolism. And then here it comes, more weight gain, more stress, slower metabolism, over exercising or over training... And after that more weight gain, more fat belly, more big sizes. And It Doesn't Have To Be So Beloved.

Because when you have a problem in life (Need To Lose Weight), you are supposed to step back and take a look at the problem from the outside looking in, also you are supposed to break the problem down in parts, and after that you are supposed to not stress over it but find fun ways to deal with it. And this is why Laughing at yourself or looking at a problem and see it as a  fun obstacle that Life has placed in front of you to experience and overcome is crucial. Because this whole 3rd. dimension or Earth's physical realm is an illusion. So this is why when it comes to Weight Loss you are supposed to have fun with that issue, do fun things to lose the weight. Why? Because if you are going to a gym you hate, you are doing exercises you can't stand, you are around people who are making you feel fat and a failure, you are stressing over how much exercise you have to do, then how long do you think you are going to keep doing these silly activities?

Or you are going shopping around the Mall, and instead of wearing dress shoes, you put on your sneakers and you walk all 5 floors of that Mall for the next 1 to 2 hours. Or you go sight seeing in your neighborhood to go see what your extended neighbors are up to,  for about 2 to 3 miles every other day and put on your sneakers. Or you go to a strip mall where there is much fun activities and different kind of people, and you go walking there without sitting down or stopping for an hour, all the while enjoying the view and the activity.. Then tell me, how long are you going to keep on doing this type of activity compared to the one I mentioned above? 

So you see Beloved, for everything you have to do in your life there is a fun way and a hard way to do it. Every Single Little Thing. And that's why you see some people who have life easy and can make millions by just having fun, and then there are those who are stressed highly and working for minimum wage. Yet those 2 types of people are equal in that, Life throws the same obstacle at them, but it is all about looking at the glass Half Full or Half Empty. It is all about perspective Beloved, it is all about having fun with what you have to do. And this is why today I am sharing with you 12 Funny Weight Loss Pictures To Make You Laugh And Help You To Lose Weight. Because for each time you laugh, researchers at Vanderbilt University found adults burn an average of 1.3 calories per minute while laughing with their friends.  That’s about the same number of calories you burn while taking notes in a classroom or standing and talking on the phone.  But laughter has other benefits besides burning calories, including relief of emotional stress and a  workout for the muscles of the diaphragm, abdomen, back, and shoulders etc... So this is why I want to help you laugh on this site daily, all the while losing weight easy. Your Certified  Fitness Trainer, James Dazouloute

And Now Here Are 12 Funny Weight Loss Pictures To Laugh And Lose Weight











11. Look At Number 11, And Remember It.



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 12 Funny ways to lose weight laughing..


  1. Anonymous8:08 PM

    Life is funny, and you're right James, we need to have fun if we want to lose weight. Janet.

  2. Anonymous8:08 PM

    Laughing make you burn calories? Did not know that. Eddie

  3. Anonymous8:08 PM

    I love these funny pictures. I couldn't stop laughing...

  4. Anonymous8:09 PM

    This is nice. great ideas to lose weight..

  5. Anonymous11:05 PM

    As usual, amazing article James. I truly enjoyed it and waiting for the next article that will be full of great pictures, info and video. Thanks


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