12 Funny Ways To Get To Know The Loud Marmot Animal

 12 Funny Ways To Know The Marmot Animal...

The Marmot is a great little animal that is about the size of a rabbit, and just like that rabbit it is very cunning, very studious and quite capable of  fending off the predators that are always trying to snatch it and carry it off to a place to be eaten. Also these little rodents create quite a community of marmots which are better known as Hory Marmots, all live in the rocky mountains. As well each family unit of the Marmot lives in it's own burrow, but come out together to look for food, to eat moss and plant rocks. And if you look at the top of the slopes, you will see hundreds of their brown little heads popping in and out, while some are playing, others are looking over their young, and if you look beyond that colony about 5 or 600 feet away, you will see one of the marmot just standing up as high as it possibly could. Because it is the look-out for all the other marmots who are enjoying their freedom, and living the grand life.



So that little marmot is the Watch Guard for any and all predators. And if it sees a Falcon, or a Hawk or even an Eagle as far away as at least a mile or so, it will let out on the most thunderous whistle that you have ever heard, and the only other sound that mimics it, is the sound of a steam train whistling. Now I know that you would have a hard time believing that such a little rodent can scream so loud, especially when it's voice box is the size of a peanut, but that heavy whistling sound can be heard as far as 2 miles away. So even an Elephant or a Human can not yell or scream that loud for 2 miles, maybe their sound can be heard for a few hundred feet. But as soon as that warning sound is heard, then all the hundreds of little marmots quickly run for cover inside their little burrows to wait-out the danger. 



And then the watch guard uses all it's knowledge and high vision to see if the flying predator is gone, or have flown completely out of range.  Then another thunderous whistle is let out, and all the little marmots now know that the danger has passed. Then all of them come out once more to play, to eat, to teach their young. And that whistle is such an extraordinarily loud sound, that it echoes over the rocks and through the valleys, to alert any and all animals besides the marmot that are living in the area.  And these little rodents get to live for a long time, all because of the greatest and loudest sound that any land animal on earth can make. So What is your experience with The Marmot?....  









12 Best ways to know the Funny Marmot..

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 12 Funny Things To See About The Marmot..

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