12 Funny Video Games To Laugh At.

 12 Funny Video Games you will love..

We all love playing Video Games, and at the same time you can notice certain funny ways these characters are made to act that you can't help but laugh at. Especially since you spend so many hours playing the games, studying them, interacting with them, day dreaming with them and loving them. So after a while, certain things will become apparent to you that you did not notice at the beginning, just like when you have a girlfriend or boyfriend, and you don't see their faults at the beginning, but later on as time goes by you start to notice certain patters about them, certain ways they react, certain funny little things they do. And then you start to question them, and so must you do with the video games that you play after a while. But before you do, here are some Fun Facts to know about Video Games... 
  • The Nintendo N64 marked the first time that computer graphics workstation manufacturer Silicon Graphics Inc. (SGI) developed game hardware technology.
  • While the original Atari Football game was first created in 1973, it wasn't released until 1978. It was delayed because the game couldn't scroll the screen -- players couldn't move beyond the area shown on the monitor. When the game was finally released, it became the first game to utilize scrolling, a key part of many games today.
  • The Atari Pong video game console was the No. 1 selling item for the holiday season in 1975.
  • The first console to have games available in the form of add-on cartridges was the Fairchild Channel Fconsole, introduced in August 1976.
  • The PlayStation 2 was the first video game system to use DVD technology.
  • On the original Magnavox Odyssey, players had to keep score themselves because the machine couldn't.
  • The Nintendo GameCube's proprietary disc held 1.5 gigabytes of data -- 190 times more than what an N64 game cartridge could hold.
  • On the market from 1991 till 2004, the SNK NeoGeo AES has tied the Atari 2600 (1977-1990) as the longest supported gaming console in history.

And Now Here Are 11 Funny Video Games To Laugh At...







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 12 Funny video games you'll love..

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