12 Funny Snakes You Should Not Be Scared Of.

Snakes are one of the most feared animals on the Planet. But Why? Because the Religions of the world already set a precedence against the Snake from the get
 12 Funny Snakes Pictures  You Will Love..

 go, by defaming the character of that great animal. But whichever side you fall on, Snakes are here to stay, and they have been around since the beginning of time, and in that process have amassed great wisdom in all areas of life. And for the people of the modern world, they see Snakes as a mischievous animal specie because they are always slithering, they are always hiding, they are always sneaking up on you and then their bites are fatal since they inject deadly venom into your body. But not all Snakes are poisonous, not all snakes want to attack humans and certainly not all snakes are to be feared since the medical profession embraces 2 snakes wrapped around a pole. But just how much do you really know about Snakes? Well Let's Look At Some Facts:

Some Snake Species

-- It has been said that the word Snake is derived from Old English as the word Snaca, and that means to crawl or to creep.
» Research has been shown that Snakes descended from lizards.
» When you see a Snake you get scared because you think it sees you instantly, but a snake's vision is adequate although not sharp, allowing them to only distinguish light from dark, and track movements. So if you stop dead in your track, then you have a great chance of not being seen. 
» Snakes have 2 preferred methods of eating: Some snakes kill their prey by injecting venom before eating it, while others swallow their prey whole and alive.
» You have good reasons to be scared of a Cobra, because a spitting cobra can spit venom at a perceived target about 5-7 feet away. And you must know the fact that the venom of a king cobra, the world's largest poisonous snake is capable of killing an elephant.
» And to this day I don't know why people are amazed when they see Snakes swimming, but all snakes are born swimmers. They swim by moving their body in lateral.
» A lot of time when you see Snakes in your shed or on a tree limb not moving and looking, you think they are about to slither around, but you must know that Snakes sleep with their eyes open, as they lack eyelids and coil up their body. After a heavy meal, snakes tend to sleep for days or even weeks. In winters, they even fall into deep sleep for months.
» Most snakes usually reproduce once in a year. Sea snakes can mate only once every 10 years!
» Black mamba is the fastest snake in the world. It is capable of moving at the speed of 20 km per hour!

-- Remember earlier I told you that not all Snakes are venomous, well there are around 3000 snake species in the world, and about 375 of these are venomous.

 12 Funny snakes you must love..

 12 funny snake animals you will love..

 12 funny animal snakes you will love...

 12 reasons not to be scared of Snakes for life..

 12 reasons not to be scared of Snakes..

 12 funny Snakes to make you laugh..

 12 funny Snakes you have to see..

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 12 funny snakes to make you laugh..

 12 funny snakes you must see..

 12 funny snakes you must see..

 12 reasons not be scared of Snakes..





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