12 Funny Pig Pictures You Will Love..

 12 Funny Pig Pictures To Make Your Day..

Pigs .. According to Professor Donald Broom of the Cambridge University Veterinary School, “Pigs have the cognitive ability to be quite sophisticated. Even more so than dogs and certainly more so than human 3-year-olds.” But Beyond that, I tell you that Pigs are the funniest and sweetest of animals, because they don't worry about their looks, nor do they care about their weight, and so they love to eat and then waddle in the mud to keep their skin beautiful. Also Pigs are known to have a great sense of direction, just like Dogs, and have been known to find their way home if they happen to wonder about for a great distance. Additionally, most adult pigs can run at a whopping 11 miles per hour, now you wouldn't think so because as adult Pigs they can get so fact. 

Another fact: Professor Stanley Curtis of Penn State University has found that pigs can play joystick-controlled video games and are “capable of abstract representation.” Dr. Curtis believes that “there is much more going on in terms of thinking and observing by these pigs than we would ever have guessed.” So the next time you take a look at a Pig and it is just laying there, ask yourself: Is this Pig examining me?

And I bet you didn't know that Pigs do not actually like to "Pig Out" as you put it, instead they love to eat slowly and enjoy their food.   And this is also amazing, but Pigs have great memories, because Suzanne Held, who studies the cognitive abilities of farmed animals at the University of Bristol’s Centre of Behavioural Biology, says that pigs are “really good at remembering where food is located, because in their natural environment food is patchily distributed and it pays to revisit profitable food patches.” And so because of all this, this is why today I am sharing with you 12 Funny Pig Pictures That  You Will Love:













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 12 Funny Pigs You Will Love..

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