12 Funny People Who Will Make Your Day Better.

Funny, just like Beauty will always be in the eyes of the beholder. Because what is funny to you will always be a nightmare, or an insult, or atrocious, or just 
 12 funny people who make you laugh..

plain silly to someone else. It all depends on the kind of day that other person is having, or what horrible experiences they may have had, or how they have been conditioned by their cultures, or certain things they just don't like happening. So you see my friend, there are quite a few good reasons for someone to not find something funny, and depending on which day it is and what that joke is about, that person may be you. But when that event happens to sit in perfectly with you, with your sentiments, with your views, with how you feel about it, with the ways you  have been conditioned by your culture and even with what type of mood you happen to be in, then you are just elated, then you will laugh your butt off, then you will shed tears of joy, then you will pee on yourself, then you will even share that great funny joke or event with others. And then, your day will be much better, and then you will have a great time, and then you will feel wonderful, and then you will allow the universe to bring even more joy into your life since it only amplifies what is already in your mind and heart. So it is best for you to have a little bit of joy inside your heart, best to have pleasant and laughable thoughts in your head, best to speak fun things... Just so you could have a better day than yesterday, just so you could make it today and just so you can attract joy and laughter in your life, instead of stress, sadness, pain, and even hate. And with that in mind, today I am going to share with 12 Funny People Who Will Make Your Day Better, by the great and funny things that have happened to them. And they decided to share it Online, so you can participate in their joy, so you can laugh with them about things that happened to them by accident, and so you can have a much better day today. All because you must laugh at Life, and with Life. You must take things as they come, and take lemons to make sweet lemonades out of them, and you must take what Life has handed you, laugh at it while dealing with it, and then you'll see that you find great ways to cope with your Life.. Your Life Coach, James Dazouloute


 12 funny people who make you laugh..

 12 funny people who  make you laugh..

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 12 ways to be funny..

5. Made You Look!
 12 funny people who make you laugh..

6. Psyche!

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7. Watch Your Step!
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8. Come on, watch where you're going!
 12 people who will make you laugh..

9. Everybody wants to be Superman N Spiderman!
 12 funny people

10. Boy, that's some long arms!
 12 funny people who make you laugh..

11. Don't Start None, Won't Be None!
 12 funny who will have you dying laughing..

12. Being anxious will get you every time!
 12 funny pictures to make you laugh..



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