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 12 money jokes you will love..

Money, they say it is the root of all evils. So why is the Church and Holy folks always begging you for more of it? Food for thought. But as for me, I will tell you Beloved that Money, in all its shapes - forms - n sizes, is a universal resource that you will always need as long as you live in this 3rd. Dimension of the physical realm. And no matter how much good you want to do, you will need money to have an impact. For example, you want to save abused kids?, then you will need Money to print flyers, to buy a home for them, to buy food to feed them, to build a school for them, to hire security for them. Or, you want to do something big for your God?, then you'll need Money to travel the world, to build a temple so others can come and worship, to buy Holy books to share with others, to rent a stadium to preach the Word, to buy clothes and books to help others go to school. So no matter how you slice and dice it, you will always need Money in this physical realm, just like no matter what you do or say, you will always need Food and Water in this physical dimension. So Please Beloved, do not fall for the tricks and lies about Money, because it is here to make your life better. And Money is  just like Sex, Alcohol, Fun, Food, Exercise, Love... you can always go overboard with them and make them your whole life. Then you will lose yourself in them, and you will begin to do things that are against your nature and the natural laws of the universe, and so can Money affect you if you don't just get your share and move on. So remember what the Great Buddha said, "The Middle Path" is the one to follow, or everything in moderation, or a little of everything is good for you, or a little stock pile of Money is good for your mission and purpose here on earth. So with that said, Here Are 12 Funny Money Quotes You Will Love:

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 12 funny money jokes for you..

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 12 funny money jokes for you..

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 12 funny money quotes..

 12 ways to enjoy money..

 12 money jokes you will love..

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