12 Funny Celebrities Who Love Money Like You Do.

 12 Celebrities who love money...
What is about Money that all of us need it so much? Because no matter who the person is, Celebrities, Holy Religious Folks, Politicians, Vegetarians, Meat Eaters, Black people, White People, Poor People... All need  money to survive in this physical realm. Maybe it's because they were born in this man-made system or maybe the need for resources were created inside them by The Creator, and that's why He placed all these resources in the Earth in the first place, like Gold, Silver, Trees, Diamonds, Oil... But what about you? How do you view money and how much of it do you need in your life? As for me I need a little bit of it each month to live on, since I can't manufacture resources nor do I have free access to them like water, food, electricity, wi-fi, houses etc... And I guess it's the same for you, and this is why we all need money. And it is all like that because the government that all people of the countries of the world have created, have now sealed off all access to natural resources and control them, but at the same time allowing unlimited access to their political friends only. And Celebrities understand and accept that, so they quickly make themselves famous so that the masses can pay for their work with large amounts of money pooled together, then those Celebrities can now have access to all type of resources, all type of cars, houses, air planes, yachts... And enjoy life to the fullest. And now you can take a page out the Celebrities books and begin to find something you're really good at, and then convince the masses that they need you, your talents, your services and your products. And then you can make money, love money and spend lots of money. So Now Here Are 12 Funny Celebrities Who Love Money Like You Do...

 12 Celebrities who love money..


 12 Celebrities who love money..

 12 Celebrities who love money..

 12 Celebrities who love money..

 12 Celebrities who love money..

 12 Celebrities who love money..







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 12 Celebrities who love money..

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