12 Funny Cats And Dogs to Love

 12 Funny Cats And Dogs Who Love Each Other..

Cats And Dogs, why do we make them out to be the worst of enemies, when they have been known to get along as best friends? Is it because in the wild they are both hunters, both predators and both love the same type of meats and so they have to compete and fight? Well that maybe, but when it comes to domesticated Cats and Dogs that's a different issue entirely. Because if they were both brought together as babies, then they will grow up as best friends with no malice, no fighting. And I guess that's the same for Human beings, because if you put a black and white baby together, they will play together, they will enjoy life together, and then as they grow up they will stay best friends and keep doing things together with no malice, no hate, no prejudice and no racism. But bring Cats And Dogs together as Adults, or bring a black and white Human being as Adults who have already been through negative things, have already been conditioned by society and live with racist energy, with prejudicial energy, then they will not get along, then hate and mistrust will set in and they will fight. But it doesn't have to be so my friend, since we are a world of love, of peace and harmony. And since these are our ideals, we can all learn to pass on this energy to our domesticated cats and dogs, and bring them together to love one another and share all things. And so in this spirit of love, I am sharing with You today 12 Funny Cats And Dogs To Love...

1. Cats and Dogs are meant to be best friends... Just give them a chance.

2. Cats Love Dogs, they just have a funny way of showing it..

3. Dogs can't live without Cats..

4. Cats And Dogs Will Play Together If You Let Them..

5. Put Cats And Dogs As Babies Together, And There Will Be No Hate..

6. Great Finds Like Cats And Dogs Will Always Find Each Other..

7. Cats And Dogs Are Always Affectionate Toward Each Other..

8. Dogs Love Cats And Cats Love Dogs... There You Have It.

9. Cats And Dogs Both Need Naps...

10. Great Relationships Always Have A Good Balance Of Needing Each Other. So Cats And Dogs Are No Different.

11. Wherever There Is Great Friendship, You Will Find Cats And Dogs..

12. Love is essential for all beings and to all beings. And cats and dogs know this.
12 Funny Cats And Dogs To Love As Best Friends...

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 12 Funny Cats And Dogs Who Love Each Other

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