12 Funny Bees To Help You Stop Being Scared

 12 funny Bees to make you laugh..

Bees are all around you, and as long as there are flowers of any kind around your house, even within the weeds, then you will have Bees. But that's great for you because Bees are the only insects that produce food eaten by man, Honey. And for your information - well being and survival, you must know that Honey is the only food that includes all the substances necessary to sustain your life, including enzymes (To break down foods), vitamins, minerals, and water; and it's the only food that contains "pinocembrin", an antioxidant that is associated with improved brain functioning (So you could stay sharp and be super smart). So as you can see Bees are really there to be your slaves to make Honey for you, and if you were to cross their path, they would try to sting you and if successful, then they would be committing suicide since they would be on their way to die. But just how much do you really know about The Bees? Here Are A Few Facts To Help:

-- If you were to observe carefully, then you would notice that Honey bees have 6 legs, 2 compound eyes that are made up of thousands of tiny lenses, one on each side of the head, also you would find 3 simple eyes on the top of the head, 2 pairs of wings, a nectar pouch, and a stomach.

-- The blessed Bees have 170 odorant receptors, compared with only 62 in fruit flies and 79 in mosquitoes. Their exceptional olfactory abilities include kin recognition signals, social communication within the hive, and odor recognition for finding food. So as you can see they have all that is needed to function as beings and specie and accomplish their collective purpose.

-- A hive of Bees will fly 90,000 miles, that is the equivalent of them flying about three orbits around the earth to collect just 1 kg of honey. Also important for you to know, a colony of bees consists of 20,000-60,000 honeybees and one queen. And don't get mad, but the worker honey Bees are females, and they live for about 6 weeks and do all the work.

 12 funny Bees to make you laugh..

2. No, Not The Bees!!!! 
 12 facts about Bees for you..

3. Friendly Casualty and family collision, poor little bees..
 12 funny Bees for you to laugh at.

4. Dogs are going to be dogs, and some may be allergic to Bees.
 12 bees you must see..

5. Someone was willing to let a Bee get this close.
 Fun Facts about Bees...

6. After a Bee stings you, it is on its way to die. Yet you'll live, see, nothing to fear.

7. Oohhhh, I am a tired Bee, just finished flying 90,000 miles.
 12 ways to know Bees..

8. Alright, I got to keep up my energy as a Bee, so I have to drink.
 12 facts about Bees..

 12 funny pictures of Bees..

 12 funny Bees for you to see..

11. Look at this Bee, isn't it pretty? Nothing to be scared of.

12. See, Bees are your friends...



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 12 funny bees..

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