12 Fireflies That Will Light Your Heart On Fire

 12 Funny looking Fireflies you must see..

Fireflies, who are they, what are they about and what is their agenda on taking over the world? I ask you that Beloved because there is very little that we know about Fireflies, and since they are carrying so much energy in their wings, in their tales, and since they are making Fire or Light Energy, then I caution you my friend to beware of such creatures who don't talk much, but keep lighting up your backyard, the open field and ultimately the world. I mean are the Fireflies Aliens coming to take over the world by melting our hearts with their beautiful lights? Or are they turning us into Zombies who become paralyzed every time we see a few of them gathering in our backyard and having their meetings while lighting up their space ships which are their entire body? Well call me crazy, but I tell you again my Brother, My Sister, Do Not Trust Fireflies.... We just don't know what they have in mind for us...  Now Let's Take A Look At 12 Fireflies That Will Light Your Heart On Fire.


Okay, enough joking around, now let us also get to know some facts about the Fireflies:

Fireflies as a larva, eat earthworms, snails and slugs. As adults, they eat pollen or other insects.

Fireflies are also called lightning bugs, are neither flies nor bugs. Fireflies are actually beetles.

Fireflies "talk" to each other using light signals.

Fireflies go through 4 stages of life: egg, larva, pupa and adult. The eggs are deposited in the ground and hatch in about a month.

In the late evening the firefly will 'flash' a yellowyish light to communicate with other fireflies. The males will flash approximately every five seconds and the females will flash approximately every two seconds.

Scientific Name For Fireflies: Photuris lucicrescens

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta

Order: Coleoptera
Family: Lampyridae

Infraclass: Elateriformia
Species: Over 2,000 Fireflies

Shape: Egg-shaped
Diet: Snails,Worms, Nectar and Pollens
Size: 5-20 mm

Weight: 20g
Life Span: About 2 months (Poor Little Fireflies)
Natural Habitat: Wet and Wooded area
Call: Don’t have a call but use light on their abdomen to communicate

Gestation Period: 3-4 weeks
Number of Offspring: Larvae

So Now That I have Shared My Funny Thoughts And Facts About Fireflies With You,  What Are Your Thoughts About Them? I NEED TO KNOW....


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 12 Funny Looking Fireflies You Must See..

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