12 Dictators That Have Abused So Many Of Your People.

 12 Dictators Who Have Abused Your People..

Dictators, why do we tolerate them? And weren't they put in power to protect the people, to serve the people, to help their people and to make their lives better? So what happened? Well for one thing, almost all Dictators start out with being a Saint, a Great Warrior, a Wonderful Leader, an Unselfish Person and someone who cares a lot about their brothers and sisters and Nation. And because of these attributes that they have shown through their speeches and actions, they are put in power, hoping that they will continue on this road toward greatness for that Nation and its People. And once they are loved so much by the people, they are then given great power and authority so they could get the job done, and because of that original popularity, those Dictators begin to believe that they are God, and then at this point if anyone opposes them in any way - shape - or form, then they believe that those people ought to be eliminated. All the while forgetting that when they (Dictators) were trying to get in power, they too had to have opposed the incumbent Government, they too had to have had different views from the ones the Leader back then had, and they too fell that they had the right to speak their own mind. And you already know this "Absolute Power, Absolutely Corrupts" every single human being on the Planet. Because that person has yet to attain enlightenment and can not handle such great powers, and they can not see just how far reaching each of their action can be. Also they do not yet fully understand life, and barely know death, and so it is easy for them to abuse the power over life and death, by taking lives and causing so much death, pain, distress, violence, abuse, pain. So this is why in your own Country, you should never allow just one person to rule over you completely, nor give all powers to just one party, because even the Universe has shown and taught you that in all things there must be a balance. There must be a yin and yen, their must be positive and negative, there must be parallels, so that all things and all beings can be balanced. Heck, even inside you right now, there are two forces that are at war, trying to balance you out, one is pulling you to do right constantly, and the other is fighting like hell to get you to do what is wrong, but what keeps you in line is the fear of God, and the local police who enforce laws. But when you give a man/woman absolute power over millions of people, and he is still fighting inside his head and have 2 opposite forces to listen to, also he does not fear God, nor is he being opposed by another person, then what do you expect? Then he/she will want to do as pleased, and you already know that all humans are wicked to the core, we all have a very sinful nature, and we are all murderers, so this is why we should not give too much power to any one human over us. But Alas, people always get caught up in euphoria and forget those truths, and create those Dictators over them. Until millions have died, they will not wake up to remember that he or she is just another weak and imperfect human being, and then to begin handling that individual. Also remember that Fear is very infectious, quite contagious and it is a disease that is stronger and lasts longer than any viruses in people, and this is why all Dictators use it to the max. So this is why you must always remain vigilant to anyone in power over you and remember: The first thing Dictators always do is to pass laws to disarm the people and/or to take their possession, because then they could dominate them and have them live in great Fear. But I know that you probably think that I am just ranting, so for proof, Here Are 12 Dictators Who Have Abused So Many Of Your People, The Global Humanity Of Brothers And Sisters... Your Legal Right Advocate, James Dazouloute

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Robert Mugabe

Dictator - Robert  MugabePresident Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe is said to have risen to power via electoral deception and fearmongering. There was even one election where he did not receive any votes in a certain province so he orchestrated the killing of over 20,000 civilians by fabricating stories of rebellion and treason. During his time in office over 3.1 million Zimbabweans lost their homes, jobs, and livelihood due to his “land reform program” aka bulldozing any village that voices dissent.

Vlad III

Dictator - Vlad IIIAlthough Vlad III has been deeply associated with stories about vampires and Dracula, Vlad is more famous for being one of the most tyrannical leaders in history not only because so many people were killed during his reign but also because of his delight in violence and the cruel treatment of prisoners and rebels. He enjoyed impaling his victims and supposedly even bathed in their blood.

Kim Jong-Il

Dictator - Kim Jong-IlRecently deceased, Kim Jong-Il had nearly a quarter million people arrested during his rule and is directly responsible for the starvation and deaths of million of North Koreans.

Idi Amin Dada

Dictator - Idi Amin DadaEven though Idi Amin Dada ruled Uganda for only eight years from 1971 to 1979, he took full advantage of his time in command to put his wrath on display. Roughly half a million people lost their lives due to extrajudicial killings and genocide during this time.

Vladimir Lenin

Dictator - Vladimir LeninProbably no one in history has received more assassination attempts than Vladimir Lenin. Of course, given the fact that he instituted the “Red Terror” or the systematic elimination of millions of people, including members of his own political party, this should come as no surprise.

Emperor Hirohito

Dictator - Emperor HirohitoEmperor Hirohito reigned in Japan during World War II and although the accusations made against his leadership are not as significant as some others on this list, the debate still rages as to whether or not he was responsible for the war crimes committed by his military and how much control he really had.

Koki Hirota

Dictator - Koki HirotaLike Emperor Hirohit, Koki’s ability and power to affect the atrocities committed by the military was questionable. Unlike Hirota, however, he was executed for war crimes that included being privy to information that could have prevented numerous atrocities.

Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev

Dictator - Leonid Ilyich BrezhnevBeing a communist leader for the Soviet Union, it should come as no surprise that Leonid Brezhnev fit right into the senselessly violent shoes of his predecessors, Stalin and Lenin. His leadership was  marred with the blood of genocide against the Moldovans, Volga Germans, Cossacks, Poles, and even Armenians.

Chiang Kai-shek

Dictator - Chiang Kai-shekAs the successor of Sun Yat-sen, Chiang Kai-shek of China was a very formidable leader whose ideals, goals, and dreams were for the sake of giving China a whole new government, away from the common ground of Communism which had lasted for so many years. He was known as the “White Terror”, purging the opposition for better leadership and country stability. All in all roughly 1 million died as a result of his initiatives.

Kaiser Wilhelm II

Dictator - Kaiser Wilhelm IIKaiser Wilhelm II was the last emperor of Germany up until 1918. Know for his inability to control the military and inept command, he probably wasn’t nearly as deadly as he was incapable. Nevertheless, his time as emperor caused the deaths of millions.

Ho Chi Minh

Dictator - Ho Chi MinhHo Chi Minh became president of North Vietnam by means of violence and fear. Another dictator who seemed to be trigger happy with his land reforms, over 100,000 people were executed as a result. Others who experienced famine and seclusion in war camps numbered to over 1 million.

Yakubu Gowon

Dictator - Yakubu GowonYakubu Gowon was the leader of Nigeria at the time when oil was found in the Niger delta, which was also pursued by Ojukwu of eastern Nigeria. Although both sides signed the “Aburi Accord”, it didn’t really do much in the way of creating peace. Gowon ‘s ruthless military tactics in the ensuing war led to the deaths of over 1 million civilians.

Mengistu Haile Mariam

Mengistu Haile Mariam -- DictatorMengistu Haile Mariam of Ethiopia had no qualms about eliminating anyone he considered to be opposition. When he gave his introductory speech, he announced death to the revolution and to the EPRP (Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Party). He showed his conviction to his message by throwing three bottles filled with blood from his pedestal. He also initiated the movement to kill thousands of “Kebeles” on the streets, garroting the resistance to death, and even taxing families when requesting for the return of the dead bodies of their loved ones. Overall, he left about 1.5 million deaths 

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 12 Dictators You Allowed To Abuse Your People...


  1. Anonymous12:36 AM

    Why do we put up with dictators? Is it because we always want other people to take care of us? Bruce

  2. Anonymous12:36 AM

    I hate dictators, they kill so much.

  3. Anonymous12:37 AM

    Dictators, every democratic country have them, and all it takes is the right huge crisis, and the people will gladly give absolute power to one person. Just like the whole world will soon do. Amos

  4. Anonymous12:38 AM

    We all need to keep every country as a democracy, even though all elections are rigged worldwide. Michael.

  5. Anonymous12:38 AM

    Life is always tough in a country with a dictator. We have to root them out. Oneil

  6. Shah of Iran was not a dictator! Remember!!!!!!


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