12 Best Funny Cats For You To Enjoy.

 12 funniest cats you want to see..

Cats are hilarious, no matter what, no matter when and no matter where they are. Because they are so curious, so moody, so independent, so wonderful, so precious and so awesome. So this is why you must always take the time to observe a cat when you see one. Cats are mysterious, and they will always leave you wanting more, more need to laugh that is.  And maybe it is because Cats have nine lives as the myth goes, and maybe it is because they can get into the smallest holes or climb just about any height. So your job is to enjoy it all, your purpose is to allow yourself to be amazed by the Cats every day of your life. And another thing about  Cats is that they are so independent, and don't require much from you, just a little space, a scratch post and a place to poop. But your rewards are great, for the Cat animal will allow you to caress its fur , will permit you to listen to it purr, and will bless you with protection in the spiritual realm as they are guardians in the underworld.  And in this spirit, this is why I am sharing with you these 12 Best Funny Cats For You To Enjoy, because I know you need it, I am aware that you want it, and I am sure that you must have these funny Cats in your life. Your funny cat advocate, James Dazouloute

1. This Cat is  so thirsty

2. This Cat is on top of the world..

3. This Funny Cat doesn't know what this dog is up to..

4. This Cat is saying "May God Bless You".

5. This Cat is imitating this male model smoker..

6. This Cat is making fun of this male model blocking his view..

7.  This Cat is flattering this male ballerina..

8. This Baby Cat Is Loving its mother.

9. This Mother had enough of its litter sucking it dry..

10. This Cat is joining the modeling talent

11. This Cat is also modeling a moustache..

12. This Cat is pondering problems


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