11 Funny Weight Loss Workouts Animals Teach You To Do.

 11 Funny workouts by animals to help you lose weight..

You must workout for at least about 30 minutes every day, and you must do it at a somewhat high level intensity to get your heart rate up at about 80% and activate your metabolism so it can burn fat all day long. And that is not a problem to exercise for 30 minutes nor to find the time, but the problem is the motivation to do it. Since without motivation, you will make excuses not to exercise for 30 minutes, without motivation you will pass that piece of exercise equipment in your house at least 30 times a day and not touch it, without motivation you will always find something else to do for that 30 minutes. So I hope that you are beginning to see that motivation is a big factor for you and for your goals to be accomplished. But where do you get motivation? Well for each person it is different, for some men they get their motivation to work out and look muscular and fit because of the women they are going to see on the beach that day or at the club that night. For other men, their motivation to work out comes from wanting to be a super rich athlete financially, as well as gain a lot of fame. For some women they get their motivation to work out because they want to attract men everywhere they go. While for some other women, their great motivation is they want to look great in that new outfit, or they are about to see old friends and lovers and want to make their jaw drop. And then there are some people who find their motivation because their medical Doctor told them: Either you work out and lose this excessive weight or you will be hospitalized and put on a lot of medications with very bad side effects, and since they have young family members who depend on them, then they begin to work out. And I must tell you not to judge my friend, because in this area of life, you must use whatever source of motivation you can find to get you going each day to work out for at least that 30 minutes. And this is where the Animals come, or your pets for that matter, because all they want to do is to be near you and join you in everything you do. And so you can use them as your source for motivation to get  a workout done each day, and whether that is your dog, your cat, your lion, your pig, your seal, your parrot, your snake... just teach them what to do, and they will be glad to join you and help you to lose weight. And you see this all the time, where people take their dogs walking and running, and that way they both benefit from exercising and losing excess or unwanted weight. What about you, what do you use as motivation to exercise and lose weight? Don't be bashful. 

Here Are 11 Funny Weight Loss Workouts Animals Teach You To Do, so you could be motivated to exercise and laugh all the while doing it. Because that is what this site is about, you laughing your way through exercises so you can enjoy the process of losing weight..

1. Sit-Ups

Top 12 Workouts When Traveling On The Road
Work them abs!

2. Squats

Top 12 Workouts When Traveling On The Road
Burn those buns.

3. Dips

Top 12 Workouts When Traveling On The Road
Shred your triceps.

4. Jumping Rope

Top 12 Workouts When Traveling On The Road
Get your heart rate up!

5. Toe Touches

Top 12 Workouts When Traveling On The Road
BBC / Via media.giphy.com
Torch tummy chub.

6. Pull-Ups

Top 12 Workouts When Traveling On The Road
Beef up those biceps.

7. Power Walking

Top 12 Workouts When Traveling On The Road
Burn some of those road trip calories.

8. Chest Presses

Top 12 Workouts When Traveling On The Road
Get ripped pecs!

9. Balance (Core Strength)

Top 12 Workouts When Traveling On The Road
Tighten your middle.

10. Push-ups.

Top 12 Workouts When Traveling On The Road
Add some extra weight for maximum results.

11. Scissor Kicks

Top 12 Workouts When Traveling On The Road

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 11 Funny Workouts by Animals to motivate you..

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