11 Funny Things These Beings Do To Make You Laugh.

 11 reasons you will have to laugh hard..

Laughter is the best medicine, and that is not just a myth Beloved, But actual truth. Since research shows that when you are laughing you are burning about 2 calories a minute, also you are relieving stress, as well you are opening up your diaphragm, and you are able to get new perspective on a difficult problem you are facing after having had a few laughs, because you then realize that Life is not that serious and all things you are going through are just that, Going Through.... So knowing and having experienced all this, what has been stopping you from laughing Beloved? Because lately you seem to be a puppet to your circumstances and unexpected situations, and all you seem to do is worry all the time, as if that is going to help you figure out how to come out on top. If anything you are making your life worst, you are stressing yourself out and increasing your high blood pressure, and you are killing yourself slowly. So why not stop that, at least for a moment since you will have plenty of time to make yourself sick and go to an early grave? But in the meantime why don't you join me as I share with you these 11 Funny Things These Beings Do To Make You Laugh. Because you need it Beloved, because you are pulling your hair out, because you are taking it all out on your loved ones who are the only help you truly have, and because you are becoming a very hateful and sad individual. So No More Of That, Let Us Laugh Together. Your Laughing Advocate, James Dazouloute

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