11 Celebrities Who Shock You Without Make Up.

 11 Celebrities who need to wear make up all the time..

Celebrities decided on their own that they wanted to be famous, they also desired to be loved, admired, to be popular and rich. So this is why they pursued their career with such ferocity and why they greedily promote their gifts, be it as a Musician, a Performer, a Movie Actor/Actress, a Talk Show Host, a Comedian etc... So when you want so much money, fame and power from the public, then there is a price that you must pay to them for demanding so much. And it always amuses me when I hear a Celebrity says "I want my privacy" (Unless you are forced to be a Celebrity by a "one time accident" that went viral). Because by the very facts that you chose to become a Celebrity, you chose to become popular, famous and rich, but also are willing to produce projects after projects and then go to the public on TV shows, talk shows, commercials, posters, radio shows... to say to them come see me performed, come spend anywhere from $10 to $1000 to see my performance at a concert hall, at a stadium, at a movie theater, at a public park...Then you are saying this is my job to be seen by you, my job to entertain you, my job to make you laugh, and even my job to influence how you live your life, how you raise your children, and even how you believe about things. And my job to become a god in your life, a god who is above you and this why I am called a Star or a Super Star, as my light of influence shines down upon you. So you see Beloved, by wanting all of these things, then the Celebrities gave up their rights to be left alone by the Paparazzi, because you are then a public figure, and so each and every time you set foot outside your doors, then you are on stage like Shakespeare told you, the world is a stage.. And it's funny because what they are wanting "to be left alone", is equivalent to the President who steps outside his bedroom at the White House and say I don't want to dress appropriately, I don't want to speak, I don't want photos of me to be taken, but he applied for the job, he spent 500 million dollars to get a job that pays around 300 thousand a year,  and he applied to have the ultimate power to control the world, to have fame, power to influence the world population 's life. Yet he says I want to be left alone for those 4 years. Or the Police Officer who says I chose to become a Police Officer and wear this uniform, but when I step foot out of my house with this uniform on, don't ask me for help, don't come to me for nothing, don't expect me to fight for you... Just how silly would that be Beloved? And yet this is what the Celebrities are asking, but still wants millions of dollars from the public's money (Even though they are paid by the corporations, who then put their work out there so the people could by it and give them the monies back with lost of interest) to have their mansions, to have their million dollar cars, to have the best of life in every area. And so with that in mind, today I am sharing with you 11 Celebrities Who Shock You Without Makeup, because they chose to ignore their obligations to the public, they chose to stop doing their job once they stepped outside their home to be a Celebrity who influences millions with their movies, with their commercials, with their product endorsements, with political activism, with their music, with their lifestyle... 

1. Singer Faith Hill

2. Annalynne Mccord.... (Has a skin condition)

3. Sharon Stone..

4. Nicolette Sheridan

5. Supermodel Tyra Banks

6. Hilary Duff

7. Singer Beyonce Knowles

8. Mila Kunis

9. Comedianne Kathy Griffin

10. Kloe Kardashian

11. Actress Anne Hathaway
11 Celebrities who must wear makeup all the time

And Now Onto You, Do You Think Celebrities Should Go Out Of Their House Without Makeup, Especially Since They Are On Stage Publicly At All Times?


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 11 Celebrities who need to wear make up all the time..

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