10 Wonderful N Funny Animals You Will Meet In Dubai.

 10 Funny Animals From Dubai You Must See...
When it comes to Dubai, this is the land of money, the land of true opportunities, the land of modernization, the land of wonderful prosperity, the land of progress, the land of everything must be luxurious and exotic. And it is in that regard that Dubai will leave you speechless as to its many wonderful fun loving animals that you will encounter along with its wonderful ways of treating its pets,  its exotic animals and even the hard working animals. And I know you have been conditioned to accept only certain animals as having been domesticated in your culture, but you must remember that people have the right to dominate any animal they want and treat them great by bringing them inside their own household as a family member. So you can't say oh that's weird, because it is not, but only in your eyes and boxed in mind by your society. And so this is why today I want to share with you 10 Wonderful N Funny Animals You Will Meet In Dubai, if you ever get to go over there and enjoy the great and lavish lifestyle.

1. Stacking up Turtles

2. Dubai Resident walking his Camel.

3. Dubai Resident Riding His Look Alike Horse Motorcycle...

4. Lion Pet In A Vehicle In Dubai... That's Common Over There..

5. Pet Lion Waiting For Its Mater On A Ferrari... Again, that's normal over there.

6. Businessman with his pet Tiger in his car while conducting business.

7. Pet Tiger hanging out of vehicle window just like a dog would...

8. Dubai Resident taking a ride on his pet Lion. Very Common for that culture.

9. 2 Baby Lions enjoying a Shark as a treat in Dubai.

10. Big Lion going for a boat ride with its Master in Dubai.
10 Funny Animals From Dubai You Must See..

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