10 Ways To Have A Better Blog That Makes You Money

 10 Reasons You Must Blog And Make Money..

When it comes to Blogging, every single person and business should have one. Why? Because we all have a singular voice that must be let out in order to better the whole of Humanity's Voice. And since what you think about, someone else would never think about it, or what another person came up with as a great idea you were nowhere near that same wavelength and would not come up with that in a thousand years. And that is all because in order for you to think about and come up with a great new thing, you must have already been on that exact wavelength with the universe. In other words, young people who are always thinking about how things work will usually end up becoming inventors and engineers. Or people who are always admiring nature and all its beauties, will usually come up with the best poetry you could read. Or people who are always wondering how money works will usually come up with great ideas and businesses to make a whole bunch of it. Or people who are so curious about the different types of pleasures that the Human body offers, will usually end up having lots of sex and get in touch with both sides of their personality, the feminine and the masculine. So as you can see we all have different wavelengths that we are one, thereby enabling us to come up with ideas and things that others who are on a different frequency would never come up with. And it's kind of like listening to the radio, where some people only like talk shows, others love country music, while others only want the opera and each particular person would not know about that other person's favorite music in that category, unless they are taught, educated and shared with that other type of music. So I took the time to explain all this to you Fellow Money Getter, so you could see the importance of having a Blog as a stand alone business, or as a great part of your business, since no other medium in this physical dimension will give your voice more of a reach. Also because you are now living in the abundant information age where people are hungry for Non Traditional Knowledge, then your thoughts, ideas, suggestions and life can have a profound effect on the masses. And because of that effect through Blogging, you can make more money than ever if you decide to turn it into a business. And important to know that as you teach and share truth with others in a fun way, then they will want to listen to you more, and so after a while, whatever recommendation you make or whatever the Ad or Product you place on your Blog with Blogger or Wordpress, then your readers will be more inclined to act on them. And in that regard, this is why today I am sharing with you 10 Ways To Have A Better Blog That Makes You Money... Your Certified Business Coach, James Dazouloute

10 Reasons You Must Blog..

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 10 Reasons You Must Blog..

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