10 Video Games That You Have To Question

 10 Video Games To Question..

Video Games have been around ever since the late 60's, and since they are a fantasy world then you can allow for many things. However, there are a few things that you will find in video games as you play them that will make you question the video game makers. Because you are thinking logically as a human being, and even though other human beings have designed these video games, you have to wonder if they thought everything through, or if they allowed their imagination to run wild without keeping the public in mind. After all you are smart, you are a Genius, and this is why you can play any video game and beat the game very soon. So why didn't the designers figure that you would question them if many things don't make sense? And so this is why today I am sharing with you 10 video games and their characters that you have to question, because you see holes in the character's strength, you see patterns that don't make sense, and you see silliness that you can not tolerate. Reporting for Love Video Games, James Dazouloute


2. Another popular video game logic post on Reddit was this rage comic posted bypearson530, which captures the essence of what it must be like to be the antagonist in a first-person shooter:






Pokemon logic 2 580x483 45 Examples Of Video Game Logic

10. pokemon logic 2 45 Examples Of Video Game Logic

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10 Video Games To Question

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