10 Things Not To Do On A Business Trip.

 10 Things not to do on a Business Trip...

When going on a Business Trip most people make the mistake of thinking that they are going on a vacation and therefore can act as crazy, as wild, as risky an as immature as possible. But I must tell you that you must remember the word 'Business', meaning transacting, discussing, bartering, marketing affairs. So with that in mind, you must not become selfish and begin to think only of yourself, only of your wants and needs. Because the company is paying for this trip, and not you, so you have to look at it just as if you are going to work back at home and do your job, by learning at that conference, by interacting with potential new clients, by mingling with your peers in the industry, by being able to allow your brain to be stimulated by the new city, the new surrounding, the new people who are sharing so many ideas with you. And then your trip will be successful, and then you will have made yourself look good in the company as a reliable person, you can also look good as an influential individual who takes charge and help others to grow, as well you can line yourself up with your big bosses for the next promotion into that corner office. But what you don't want to do when you are on a Business Trip is to get as drunk as possible every chance you get, because then all your inhibitions will begin to come forth and take over you, things buried deep down inside you that are bad for you like wanting random sex, like saying how you really feel about many things, like getting an unprofessional tattoo.. will all come at the forefront of your desires. But you are there for Business remember, and at the expense of the corporation? So Do not share your personal life with every client and peer who you sit down with, because this is not a therapy session for all your demented issues. Do not party like it's 1999 and just go all out with all the bad and risky behaviors in front of your peers and big clients. Do not steal from your company and claim "Business Expenses" for things that your conscience keeps on convicting you about. Do not let down your bosses who thought that you would benefit and grow as an employee at that conference, as well being able to enlarge the company with your contribution, with your new perspectives, with your new knowledge and new contacts from that Business Trip. 

Here Are 10 Things Not To Do On A Business Trip:

Packing the wrong shoes...

10. …or realizing you underpacked after you stain your only suitable shirt.

10 Things to avoid doing on a Business Trip...

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