10 Random Acts Of Kindness That Will Change Your Life

 10 acts of kindness that will melt your heart...

To live this life to its fullest, you simply just can not only take care of you, and you most definitely can not become a Hermite and want nothing to do with the world. Because you were sent down here in this physical realm to have experiences, lots of them, and you must do so by interacting with other beings and species, so that you can have wonderful learning experiences. And on top of that, to be human means you have a chance for you to earn blessings, good deeds and favors with God, so that when you go back to being only a Spirit, then you can be elevated above the Angels, and your deeds can be recorded in the annals of Eternity or the Akashic records. But the only way to get to that place is for you to get involved, for you to join the inhabitants of this Planet, and begin doing something for them. And you must do so without selfish reasons, you must do so without wanting glory for yourself down here, and you must do so without even the thought of saving yourself, because then you will be elevated as a Hero by mankind and even by your Creator. Why? Because God always wanted for you to follow in His footsteps as your Creator and Father, and when you were dying spiritually for eternity, He got up from His glorious throne, walked down to this Earth and mounted on that wicked Cross to save you, to repay in full all your debts, to help you, to protect you and to redeem you, when you had nothing to offer Him in return but a sinful and tainted soul. And now you must pay it forward, since you can not do for God what He did for you, then you must find another being who is at your level or below you who is dire need, and do for that being the impossible, by doing everything you can do to save that individual, even if you have to lose your life in the process. Since the blood sacrifice or the death sacrifice is the purest and highest form of servitude, to lay down your life of your own free will for your brother or any being who is in need to be saved. Then, your life will be given back to you a thousand fold, and so will you receive the glory, the praise, the honor and the highest place in God's Kingdom, just like The Christ did after he willingly died for you. But you don't even have to go that extreme, because all you have to do is reach out and lend a hand. And this is why today I am sharing with you these 10 random acts of kindness that will change your life. Your Life Coach, James Dazouloute

 10 acts of kindness...
2. Posted On The Outside Of The Machine.
 10 acts of kindness..
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3. Always Do The Right Thing..
 10 random acts of kindness...
4. What You Do Today Will Echo Throughout Eternity.
 10 acts of kindness..
5. We all must lend a hand to the challenged.
 10 random acts of kindness...
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6. Even In Business You Can Earn A Mitzvah
 10 acts of kindness that will melt your heart..
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07. Do What You Would Want To Be Done Unto You.
 10 random acts of kindness...
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08. Some Blessings Are Meant To Be Shared.
 10 random acts of kindness..
09. The Helpless Must Be Helped At All Times.
 10 acts of kindness that will melt your heart...
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10. Ultimate Act Of Random Kindness.
 10 acts of kindness..
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10 acts of kindness to change your life..

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