10 Great Fun Facts About Money That Affect Your Business.

 10 fun facts about money you must know..

When it comes to Money, you can never know enough about her and you definitely can never have enough of her. Why? Because money is fleeting. And she will leave you faster than she came in, since it took you a long time to woo her, to bring her to your bank account and you must do just about anything to keep her in your possession. But as soon as you make one false move, one lousy mistake, then Money will not only leave you but have you deep in debt. Don't Believe Me? Just ask any Stock Broker, any Trader, any Business Person and they will all tell you that they had lost their houses, their yacht, their cars and even their shirt by one false move in investing, one big mistake in speculating how much of a return they will get on their investments. And this is why you hear in the news of so many committing suicides, jumping off buildings or swallowing their gun. 

So as you can see my friend, Money is fleeting, money is a whore and she will not stay faithful to you unless you keep her imprisoned for life. And that is exactly what the Rich or the top one percent have always done with Money, they keep her locked in, the invest only small portion of their fortunes at a time and they always demand collateral for every penny they part with. Have you ever gone to a Bank to ask for a loan, or have you ever gone out to Venture Capitalists to fund your business ideas? Then you will know that they do not part with some of their money, unless you give up your children as slaves. So this is why you must get to know Money, you must find out all you can about her, and you have to keep them in mind with every financial move you make. Then You Will Always Be On Top With Money By Your Side. Your Business Coach, James Dazouloute

So Here Are Top 10 Great Fun Facts About Money That Affect Your Business Daily..


 10 fun facts you must know about money..

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