10 Funny People Who Inspire You To Lose Weight.

 10 Funny people who inspire you to lose weight..

To lose weight you will always need help, be it from a machine, from a personal trainer like myself, from a picture, from a speech... it doesn't matter because you have to lose that extra weight or you will be miserable, or you will be depressed, or you will be losing plenty of opportunities, you will have bad health. And so because of these reasons you do what you have to do, you use whatever you have to since your survival is at stake. And the funny thing is, when you think back to when you were a teenager you never had a weight problem, just about anything you ate melted right off your body, and there were times when you even wished you had gained some weight so you could fill in nicely in all the right places. Well What Happened? You got old friend, that's what happened. Because research shows that once you reach your 30th. Birthday your body starts to go on a decline, your immune system starts to slow down, your metabolism starts to work less efficiently, your priorities change from looking good to having a career, your needs to look sexy and hot are outweigh by the needs to start a family, and then add to that the stresses of paying bills, of never having enough, and you also suffer from anxiety issues, fear issues and the feeling of inadequacies. Now add all that to the equation, and then start to eat out at all the fast food places, and buy your favorite ice cream to have at home and eat constantly while you are watching your favorite shows. So this is where you end up being overweight and now must do something to lose it, since your medical doctor has already told you to either lose weight or go on medication. So this is why today I am sharing with you 10 Funny People Who Inspire You To Lose Weight.. So You Can Start Somewhere.











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