10 Amazing Places On Earth To Fall In Love With.

 10 Amazing Places On Earth..

When you think of Planet Earth, automatically all good thoughts come to you about the flowers, the beautiful sandy beaches, the Amazon... But do you know about the weird but wonderful places that Mother Earth is hiding from you? Because I guarantee you that no matter how much you travel to different places, you will never in this lifetime or the next, be able to cover all of Planet Earth's places, secret corridors, hidden tunnels and amazing new creations that are popping up every day. Because Mother Earth is just like you, ever growing, ever expanding, ever recycling, ever going through changes; so this is why you have heard or seen these different cities that once existed but are now covered by water, or have been buried under the Earth. Also this is why every chance you get, you must visit a new place that Planet Earth has to offer you today, since tomorrow you may not see it again, due to its time being over.  Also within this mindset, this is why today I am sharing with You 10 Amazing Places On Earth To Fall In Love With... Because you need to live, you need the adventure in your life, you also need to appreciate the Earth for all that she keeps on offering daily and ensuring your survival by consuming and enjoying her resources. Your Earth Advocate, James Dazouloute

Earth's Profile Info.
Mass: 5,972,190,000,000,000 billion kg
Equatorial Diameter: 12,756 km
Polar Diameter: 12,714 km
Equatorial Circumference: 40,030 km
Known Satellites: 1
Notable Satellites: The Moon
Orbit Distance: 149,598,262 km (1 AU)
Orbit Period: 365.26 Earth days
Surface Temperature: -88 to 58°C

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 10 Amazing Places On Earth..

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