Why Sleep Is Your Best Friend..

 Why you must sleep right now..

You have already been told a thousand times that you must sleep, no if and but about it. So why have you not been getting enough sleep ever since you became an adult? Especially since you already know that your body is a machine, and it is when you sleep that it can recharge itself, when you sleep that it can heal itself and when you sleep that it can grow itself in all areas. And because of this great gift called Sleep, you do not need drugs, nor do you need drinks, and you don't even need lying to yourself to help you to be in the best of health. So starting today, begin to sleep, plain and simple. No need to be a medical doctor, nor a brain surgeon, not even a genius, or even a computer. NO my friend, just begin to sleep every chance you get, and you will start to notice all the ways that your body is changing, and then you will be able to accomplish all that you set out to do. Also sleep will help you to think better and faster, sleep will allow you to be in complete control of your environment and not be anxious or panicky. Sleep will heal your body of any infections and imperfections, sleep will.... etc... So Up To You Right Now My Friend, do you want to sleep or do you want to be miserable every day of your life and die a horrible death full of pain and diseases? Up To You... Your Health Coach, James Dazouloute

 Best reasons to sleep..

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