I AM FORGIVEN... A Spiritual Poem

 Spiritual poem about How I Am Forgiven...

I am not ashamed to declare this to all who has an ear to hear. I am not timid to share my happiness, that I have been forgiven by The Great I Am. I am not playing, when I say I am on top of the world, I am flying with no hands, I am the greatness of God... For today I am forgiven.

Oh my Brother! Oh my Sister! Oh my Enemy even! I have been so ruthless in my dealings with You All. I have killed so many of you in the name of Serving my Country. I have arrested countless of you all, wrongly, in the name of protecting and serving. I have betrayed so many of you all out of Trust, in the name of Success. I have even set you up, one against another, by initiating an idea along with a rumor, then let it take roots in you all.. 

And then, like puppets on a string, I sat back in the corner being fully entertained by your hate toward each other, and then at the right time, I would step in and settle all disputes, only to be an even Greater Hero, than I was before I even started it all. And sadly, I have done this hundreds of times to my own bloodline. I do confess that I am the worst of the worst Beloved, and I even attained as many College degrees as I could, just so I could use all this knowledge to use you all for my own riches. And I never get my hands dirty, I have used others to do my dirty work, and always appearing The Holiest, The Cleanest, The Most Loving, and The Peace Maker in you all eyes... But today, I AM FORGIVEN....

You know Beloved, the worst person in the world is not the serial killer, not the molesters, not the crazies... But the One who understands what makes them tick psychologically, and just what button to push in each of those individuals to manipulate, to control, and to influence their actions... And That Was Me... But today, I AM FORGIVEN, I have been washed Clean by The Blood.

The Apostle Paul said he was the holiest of the holies, and the worst of the worst... But he had no idea how to use a computer and social media like Me, how to use a gun like Me, how to even control the mind of others like me... And so I take the title of the worst of the worst... but I AM FORGIVEN...

Yes, I Am Forgiven, After All This... And now that The Christ Has Risen, I too have risen with Him. Now that He sat down, I too sat down. Now that all have been placed under His feet, so have they been placed under mine. Now that He is reigning.. I reign with Him. All Because Of That Precious Blood, that was shed at Calvary, and in which I fully Believe and Accept as Payment In Full, Just - For - Me... And now I AM FORGIVEN..... Are You?.... Dr. James Dazouloute


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 How I am forgiven a poem..

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