Become A Police Officer, The Advantages And Disadvantages Of This Profession

 Why become a Police Officer...

So just like anything in life, to Become a Police Officer at first glance may seem to have all the advantages in the world. For instance, You protect and serve - You are a hero in your community - You get paid 35k - 70k a year along with benefits and a pension - You also can do off duty extra work ($25 - $50 / Hr.) - You can have a take home car - You get discounts at most places in your city - You get courtesy from other Officers for minor infractions - You are in a Position with great authority given to you.

And yet there are many disadvantages to consider as well in becoming a Police Officer. For instance, Your life is in danger 24 hours a day - It is Darned if you do and Darned if you don't - You may have to take a life at any time - You may go to jail if you make the wrong decisions - You may lose your pension - You may die or become crippled at any time - You may be investigated at any time - You always have a ton of paperwork - You are on duty 24 hours a day.

So you see dear friend, there is a lot to consider if you want to become a Police Officer as far as the advantages and disadvantages are concerned. And the first thing that you have to ask yourself is, are you built for that?. Or do you have what it takes to be an authoritative figure that can make great decisions - take away people freedom when you think they 've done wrong, and even take a life if you have to?. So you must also come to the realization of the old saying: He who is afraid of dying is afraid of living. And also know that: What we do now with the life given will echo throughout Eternity. You must hate injustice, bullyism, oppression, dictatorship or any other kind of wrong in the world, and want to protect and defend your brother at any cost. And most important of all, you must truly, truly believe in Justice For All - the guilty, non guilty, the innocent, the oppressed, the disturbed, the lost, the misunderstood and the deranged.

Next, to become a Police Officer you must be willing to be unselfish with your life, your time, your strength, your heart to others. You must even want to give the greatest gift of all, which is: The greatest gift a man can give, is to lay down his life for his brother. So you see this will be the greatest advantage or disadvantage in becoming a Police Officer, depending on how you look at it. For your life will be on the line every day after you take that oath, ( even when you 're off duty and doing your grocery shopping and a robbery is taking place at the register, you must identify yourself and take action), and you must live like this, but this is where the hero part comes in, or a protector, a leader. As well, if you have a family you are placing them in danger as well. For others will try to get at your weaknesses if they can 't get to you.

 Advantages of being the police..

Another aspect to consider is that everyone will love you and everyone will hate you, depending on which side of the law they happen to be on at the time. For instance, if their house is being broken into they will love you. And if they are the thieves breaking in they will hate you. And then sometimes the ones who love you at first will hate you later, and the ones who hate you now will love you later. Remember I said earlier : It is Darned if you do and Darned if you don 't. So this job is quite confusing, and it is about whose purpose are you serving at the time. Also there are those who will want to be your friend, or try to buy your friendship; all to manipulate your great decision making process. And last, even the Police Department that you work for may turn on you if you are not politically correct with all your actions to make them look good, and they also have a check and balance system called, Internal Affairs, to keep you in line and not abuse your powers.

In conclusion, you have to consider all these points I just mentioned and decide what is best for you. What are you good at?, What push your buttons and scare you?. But the two most important things to remember is: 1. Never, ever do anything because the money is good. And 2. Never let your life be a waste, always do something to contribute a legacy. So to become a Police Officer may be for you and it may not be. You Decide, James Dazouloute

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