15 Things In Life That Do Not Go As Planned

 Why you must appreciate every accomplishment in life..

When you are trying to be successful at anything in life, it seems as though the universe along with the "Powers that be" are dead set against you, and are all trying their best to get you to fail. And half the time you end up failing, because for you to accomplish anything great in this physical realm, you must not only be at the top of your game, but life itself must be on your side. For example, if you are trying to get the job of your dream, first you have to get all the right training along with the degree needed in that field. And for that to happen you must be lucky enough to get a scholarship, a grant or even a loan from those whom the universe has placed in charge of those things. Then fate has to intervene to guide your mind to look online, look in the newspaper or talk to a friend where there is a posting for this great job by that wonderful company's human resources. And then you have to apply on your part by submitting your resume, but then luck - favor - destiny must be on your side to have that HR person look at your resume from the hundreds of people who have applied just like you did, and are just as extremely qualified as you are. And then once they call you for an interview, you have to make you sure you get there on time. But in order for you to get there on time and not have a heart attack in the process or fall ill, the universe must line up with life and all the human happenings to help you. Such as: The street lights must work or go green for you, the other drivers must not have accidents, the atmosphere must not send torrential rain your way, the suit you are wearing must not split at the seams on you, and even the building where you are heading for that interview must not have received a bomb threat.. And I can go on and on Beloved about all the things that must line up for you to get just one thing done, and so you can see how hard it is, if not how impossible it is, to do 10 or 20 things each day of your life. So this is why you must appreciate and even celebrate any and every little thing you are able to accomplish in this life and be grateful to the "Powers that be" for participating and helping you along. Your Life Coach, James Dazouloute

Now, Just To Show You How Difficult It Is To Accomplish Any One Thing In This Life, Take A Look At 15 Different People Who Were All Trying To Accomplish Just One Little Thing, And See How They Fail Because Everything Else Will Not Line Up And Cooperate.

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 Why you must appreciate every accomplishment in life...

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