You Are My Kind Of Love Sweetheart... A Poem

 Poem about why you are my kind of love..

MY KIND OF LOVE Is Your skin my Beloved, it is your passion that constantly makes me feel ten feet tall, it is your radiant beauty that lights up all the 4 chambers of my heart (Left and right Ventricle, Left and right Atrium). Yes my kind of love is you, complimenting me of the way I kiss your very soft lips, it is you congratulating me on being the very best Lover you have created. And now I am living fully within my purpose to serve You, and only You.

Yes My Kind Of Love, yes my kind of happiness in finding a little corner in your heart to feel safe in. Yes my kind of Loving that I need like a junkie needs a fix, and in between your thighs is where I feast. And every time, the feeling gets better, more sensuous and extremely fulfilling. Now what Junkie could ever say this?

 Best kind of love a poem..

Yes My Sweet, wonderful Love, You are exactly my kind of love. You are the uniqueness of my regular self. You are the smooth muscles of my heart. You are the compassion who has tamed a beast like me, yet You still allow this beast of a Lover to serve you well in our romantic chamber. Yes my Love Teddy Bear, You are the great I Am in my personality, and you are the existence of my life that helps to exclaim: I feel therefore I exist!

Oh Love, Oh My Kind Of Love! Oh greatness of my life, oh legacy of my life, oh my 8th. Wonder of the world, you are always my kind of love. I am so satisfied in your bosom, I am so elated to be the putty in your hands, I am so perfect within your loving heart, and I am so content with a simple smile with You. Oh where is there another Love like this?

 How to love perfectly

My kind of love, you make me Legendary in the eyes of Cupid. You give me what can not be taken. You fill me with the impossible. You my Sweetheart give me wings to fly to the tip of your many orgasms, and shiver at seeing you in ecstasy. Yes You, Oh Love Of Mine, Yes You, My Unforgettable Tune, Yes You. Only You, for now, for today, for life, for eternity, for the Universe - for the underverse and for the multiverses. Oh My P... Perfect Just For Me... will you stay and continue to be Thee Rock, of my life, of who I am and of My Greatest Accomplishment?... You?... James Dazouloute


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 Poem about my kind of love...

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