Why Shop For Water And All Its Benefits

 Why shop for clean water..

WATER BENEFITS... Are not that complicated to fully understand since Mother Earth has been blessing you with her waters ever since you were born, and because you have grown to the size you are now, then right there you have one of the greatest benefit of drinking water. And even though you have different types of water sources such as rain water, river water, lakes water, spring water, creek water... You are still going to need to pick the freshest and cleanest source available to you, because you have to live, you have to have water running through your veins... And there is nothing to dislike about Water, because it is odorless and colorless. 

So Let Us Look At A Few Water Benefits:

Water Is A Transporter. It brings food and nutrients to the cells so they could stay healthy, so they could grow, and so they could have the ability to protect you from diseases, from illnesses, from infections.

Water is a cleansing agent. It also serves as a medium to carry metabolic wastes away from the body - this is accomplished in the form of urine and sweat. Think of it as a detoxifying agent. This is one of the most important functions of water in our body (although not very highly appreciated often in daily life).

Water suppresses appetite. This follows from the above point. Since water does not have any calories, it acts as an ideal *filler* material in your stomach and gives you a sense of "I am full" - which in turn decreases your appetite. This works best for people who are already over-weight and are controlling their appetite in order to lose weight.

Water acts as a nourishing agent. Water circulates through the blood and helps transport nutrients and oxygen towards organs and cells. It acts as a solvent for many nutrients and essential salts and makes them available for absorption by the body.

And so as you can see, Water Benefits are endless for you, also water from the rains cleans up your streets, washes your cars, washes away dead animals, removes airborne diseases that could make you deathly ill. And these are just a few advantages to having water in many forms, shapes and sizes. So Starting Today, Thank God and Mother Earth for all the water Sources you have been given to cleanse you and all that concern you. James Dazouloute

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 Reasons to shop for clean water...

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