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 What to know about Identity Theft...

Identity Theft is on the rise every second. Identity Theft will ruin your life. An identity is the foundation of one’s life; it’s unique to each person and defines who people are in the society. It consists of many components which, if not properly managed, could lead to identity theft fraud, resulting in financial losses, credit problems, security compromise at the workplace, and non-compliance with Federal and State privacy and information security laws among other things. It takes years to build one’s identity, but it could be destroyed very quickly if mishandled by anyone. To some extent, individuals are responsible for and capable of protection and proper management of their identities or the personal information of their clients and employees. Identity Theft can send you to Jail. Identity Theft will take away your kids future.

Identity Theft is the biggest criminal business online and offline. It is the quickest way to part with your money, your health, your license, your passport, and your credit. You must learn to protect yourself in 2 ways: 1. Do the simple common sense things, like safeguarding your information in every way. And 2. You must transfer the liability to someone else in case it does happen, by having Identity Theft Insurance. Just like for your house, your car, your health and your life.

For you transfer liability to the Insurance Companies for all these other things, so why not get Identity Theft Insurance?. It is Cheap, at a lousy $9.99 per month. And research shows that Identity Theft comes from your very own family member much quicker than from a total stranger. 

Stop these practices unless required by law, and even then do put up a fight:
Placing SSNs on identification and membership cards
Posting, displaying, or making SSNs available to the general public.

Using the SSN as a password or access code for goods and services.

Inviting input of the SSN on the web for unencrypted transmission.

It is not just your Credit, 
It's your Health records, 
your driver's license, 
your Passport, 
your Birth Certificate, 
your Bank records. 
For not only you, but they will steal these info. of your Children as well. Take action now, never be a Victim.

Once an identity thief supplies a victim’s personal information as part of an application for a new account, the potential creditor reviews the victim’s credit report or score and opens the new account. However, if the company where the identity thief tries to open a new account can’t get access to the victim’s credit report or score, the company will reject the fraudulent application for a new account. Only a state security freeze law allows consumers to lock up access to their credit files and to control who sees the file for the purpose of opening new accounts. In this way the security freeze empowers consumers to protect themselves from most types of new account fraud. James Dazouloute

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