What To Know And Do When You Lose Your Wallet.

 How to get back a lost wallet

What To do And Avoid These Horrible Nightmare Stories of People just like You And I. And avoid such statements like: I cannot believe this happened to me, I just realized I lost my wallet. I had it yesterday and today i was going out and could not find it! OMG. My Social Security and Driver's license are in there plus other important things. Has this ever happened to You

Or Dear Friend let's look at another story of Lost My Wallet, What To do And Avoid These Horrible Nightmare Stories: I lost my card case on a vacation trip a few years ago. I lost my credit cards and my drivers licence. Which was a major pain since I was going to fly home and needed ID to get on the plane. I looked for hours for the case, retracing my every step and nothing. I tore apart the rental car, even went to the police station to report the case lost, and the officer looked in the car too. I went to the public library to get the contact information of every card I was carrying...

 How to get your wallet back...

Now Dear Friend a few answers on what to do in dealing with a Lost Wallet:

First, You want to avoid a Costanza-style wallet where you have every last receipt, business card, and scribbled note you ever received. Clean your wallet out every single day of the junk you don’t actually need on a daily basis. You should not have any gift cards, business cards to restaurants you like, or receipts whatsoever. File those away if you need to keep them or recycle them.

Second, After you realize you lost your wallet, Check your car – or anywhere else you may have sat for lengthy periods of time.I can’t count the number of times my wallet has fallen out during a long car ride, especially if I’m wearing pants with loose pockets. The same goes for finding my wallet on the floor behind my chair at work. Also be sure to double check when you get up to leave from the theater.

 How to return a lost wallet...

Enlist the help of those around you.
Ask any friends or family that might be around if they’ve seen your wallet. Also consider asking them to help you look for it. You never know… A fresh (and unbiased) set of eyes might just spot it in a place where you’re sure it couldn’t be.

So You Need To Have A Plan Today, And this is why I recommend you begin with Lifelock right now... First 30 Days are Free, so what's the problem?

No one likes the DMV (Department Of Motor Vehicles). Regardless, you’re going to need to get in that endless queue and get your license replaced as soon as possible. Many states issues temporary paper license while they process your request. If you neglect to get your license replace and your unlucky streak continues, the police officer that pulls you over may not believe your lost-wallet sob story! Call the police (non-emergency line) and file a report. You may have to go to the local precinct; or someone may come to file the report for you, as well. 

Hopefully you were smart enough to leave things like your social security card at home, but… Even still, there’s a risk that you might become the victim of identity theft. Once you’ve notified your banks, you should also consider placing a security alert on your credit report. This warns potential creditors to take extra steps to insure the identity of the application when handling application with your name on it. And without Identity Theft Insurance ( I put a link for you above) You will be in a heap of legal trouble and have to have an Attorney to represent to keep you from losing everything, including your freedom.

And To Deal With the Credit Bureaus: ( As of this writing )

Experian Credit will let you file with them a 90 day initial alert, a 7 year victim alert, or a 1 year active duty military alert. The 7 year victim alert requires a police report .

Equifax Has support number 1-888-766-0008. The process for filing a fraud alert is automated 

TransUnion does not have an online fraud alert form -that I could find – so you have to call their support number 1-800-680-7289

Just in case you have your social security card in your wallet (which, incidentally, you shouldn’t), here’s how to get your card replaced: Head to the social security website and fill out form SS-5. If your card was lost or stolen, you are entitled to a free replacement. You’re limited to three replacements per year, and ten during your lifetime.

So You Need To Have A Plan Today, And this is why I recommend you begin with Lifelock right now... First 30 Days are Free, so what's the problem?

So You see my Friend, you losing your Wallet or Purse is a common Human Mistake. It has happened to you and I and it will continue to happen; but what drama we have deal with depends on our preparation just like with any disaster. And if someone gets your Driving License And Social Security Number, there is no telling what they can do, and As you know this Country has a severe problem with Illegal Immigration and people need to drive and a job. And You could be driving in 3 States and have 5 Jobs in 4 States right now, and you would never know it until you get pulled over or file your Income taxes. And then, You and only You will have to Prove these other 3 or 4 people with same Socials And save Driver's License Numbers are not you. Identity Theft is the only crime Where You are Guilty and you have to prove your innocence. Or be in Jail trying to prove you did not have a DUI 3 years ago. Your Legal Advocate, James Dazouloute 

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 How to deal with a lost wallet...

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