Please Don't Go.. My Better Half. A Love Poem

 Please don't leave me...

Please don't stop blessing Me with the love that resides in your perfect heart. Please don't go to catch a breath, without taking me with you my love. Please don't stop touching my skin, and giving me the heat to feel alive. Please my sweetheart, don't ever give too little of your attention to me. Please Love, don't go anywhere, don't stop having the need to be My Hero, don't change your mind about my needy heart. 
No my love, Please Don't Go! 

Please don't leave me with my own thoughts, for they are my own worst enemy, and only You, are they afraid of with your positive powers. So Dearest Love, please stay with me, just one more minute please. Please, I am begging You my better half, and I don't care if the whole world knows it through this Love Poem, Don't Go, don't take a step, don't have a thought of leaving Me. And I know it's just to brush your hair and catch some fresh air, and I know I sound silly, but I am proud that Love can do this to me.

 Stay with me my love a poem...

Oh My Love, Oh My Baby, Oh My Joy! Please Don't Go to your safe place, please don't shelter your heart from mine, because You Are My Medicine... Yes You, are my nutrient Oh Angelic Love Of Mine. Yes You, are my Break-Fast, who has broken the deep fast of my heart without Perfect Love. Oh Me! Whatever would I do without your Love, without your heart that gives to me a ray of sunshine.. Oh My Perfect P... Perfect Just For Me, I Need You For Life. Please Don't Go!!!

Please don't change your mind, Please Baby. Please Sweetheart, don't take a break. Please, My Unforgettable Tune, don't stop to think about You. Please Mi Cielo, don't start asking yourself if you need Me, for I know that You don't, since You are My Necessary Only. I Love You So Much, I am so dependent on You, I am so enamored with your Heart that will never change, nor grow old. I Need The Love Of My Life, Yes, I am proud to dedicate this declaration of my sentiments, To The One I Love. And now I truly know, through You, the kind of Needy Love that God wants from Us.

 Why you should never leave me a poem...

Yes My Love Teddy Bear, an I Love You Poem to plead my case. A necessary plea to reaffirm my great need of You, my perfect love for You. Yes, ingredient for my life, Please Don't Go. Please stay in my corner, please build me up from your supernatural strength. Please allow me to breathe once more, to sigh a little relief, to say: Oh Thank God... Just because You decided not to go. Yaaay! I Am The Luckiest Person Alive.... I Love You So, So Much... Even more now that You have pity on Me.... Don't Go, Don't Ever Go...  James Dazouloute

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 Don't ever leave me baby a poem..

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