Lawyer Abuse, Control Your Lawyer In 5 Easy Steps

 Best ways to handle your Lawyer..

Lawyer abuse is running rampant in your country, and everyday you and your fellow citizens are being sued, defended and then sued, and defended again by the same cheesy lawyers, who are always encouraging you to sue or to defend yourself from a lawsuit that one of their counterparts have started. And on top of that, they do not carry out their whole duty as they should in preparing a proper court argument for your case, while also ignoring your calls and lying to you after they 've made a back door deal, only to tell you they have done their very best. 

So Dear friend, to control your lawyer and prevent lawyer abuse from being done to you, do try to get involved in the process and stay involved until the very end. For remember, you are still dealing with human beings and we are all by nature careless in our lives and our duties. Also, the first rule is to know and remember that the lawyer works for you and not the other way around; and you are paying his salary for no lawyer works for free (except for the time they do Pro Bono work ), and that is when their Bar Association requires it from them. 

 How deal with bad lawyers..

Another way to prevent lawyer abuse is to ask questions of the lawyer like : What is his case load at the moment? For no lawyer should personally be handling more than 3 cases at any one time in order to give his full attention. Not 10 to 20 like the Public Defenders or the State Attorneys, which explains why they always try to Plea Bargain their cases every chance they get at your expense. Again do not be shy for this is your good name on the line, your pockets being emptied out and even your freedom in jeopardy. 

Also do ask what resources are available to the lawyer and what services does he / she uses?. As in, Private Investigators, Experts, Paralegals and other sources. And again do remember what is on the line here, you want the best lawyer for your money, not the sly talking person on television who is promising you the world in any case. Do realize that any case can be won ( For this is Sue S. A. ), if it has been properly researched, all points have been covered and all ducks are in a row. Just read the latest news of crazy lawsuits. 

 How to handle your lawyer...

To prevent lawyer abuse and control your lawyer is to ask of their experience level and what is their winning percentage. For if they are new you can still use them but they would have to be shadowed by a senior partner of the firm, and be sure that their winning rate is at least in the ninetieth percentile not 70 or 60 percent. You must ensure you have a great chance of success before you begin or undertake any enterprise or lawsuits. For any great battle is not won at the battlefield, but in the planning and preparation. And do take notes at each meeting you have with your lawyer, especially at the beginning of consultations on certain steps the lawyer has promised to undertake on your behalf. 

And as your case begins and is processing, be sure to ask your lawyer from the very beginning to please be a person of their word and to carry out their Fiduciary duties such as: Keep you informed of the going on of the case, and return calls in a timely manner, and to also communicate and respond to the demands of the court. So please do keep your lawyer 's feet to the fire until your case has been fully handled, and each lawyer in a firm usually has a boss and if not, you can always report them the Bar Association in their State for misconduct and neglect of duties. 

Additionally, I must tell you that no matter how Right you think you are, Please always try to settle your case out of court if there is any chance. For going to court takes a lot out of you and away from you and your family. And even when you win, sometimes you lose. Also, do follow your lawyer 's advice and directions once you decide to hire them, because a lot of cases have been lost because you refuse to listen or even be completely honest with your lawyer. I mean, do not let them abuse you and your rights, but you as well do not impede them or lie to them when they are here to help win your case. Lawyer abuse is never ok, and you can always sue the lawyer as a last resort if they have been negligent in their duties.

And the very best way to prevent lawyer abuse or control your lawyer even, is to be proactive legally, by educating yourself and to remember that : Every situation in life is a potential legal situation - Always. So hanging out with a friend, driving your car, grocery shopping, visiting a neighbor, buying a house, going to a club etc...are legal situations waiting to happen. And in being proactive, you want to ensure that you already have an " AV " rated, highly qualified lawyer in your back pocket long before your ever have to need one, so you could force the bad and Abusive Lawyer to do what is right. Your Legal Advocate, James Dazouloute 


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 5 ways to control your Lawyer...

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