How To Love Just By Listening To Your Heart.

 Best way to love...

And I gave You the answer to all your troubles, right at the beginning Beloved, because I know how sick and tired You are of not having the kind of love that is right for you, and that is being shown and given to you. Also, the frustrations and disappointments that have been growing deep inside you, after each build up, after expecting the next love to be Thee One, after getting your heart ripped out of your chest once more, then You are just fed up. So again, the answer for How To Love is to Just listen to your heart. And that will always be a great thing for you, no matter how things play themselves out. Because You Heart is pure, and it is perfect in wisdom, knowledge and feelings. Also that Great Heart of yours is constantly and forever connected to The Universe, as well as your Higher Self,, and so it always receives the right and perfect message.

 Easy way to love..

But the problem has been your mind, for you see Beloved, you have allowed your mind to get into the equation of love. And when things were going great in love, your mind took over and started to plant doubts about whether or not that was True Love, or whether or not You could be happy, or deserve to be this happy. Then, when things were going wrong in love, and you quickly found out you were being betrayed, or there was a plot to rip out your heart and hand it to you, again your mind kicked in with with its many flawed logic, and start to tell you to just hang in there, and what you are seeing and feeling are not really true. And so you stopped listening to your heart, you ignored your every impulse about the right thing to do, and the right path to take. and then, Here You Are..

 How to love the easy way

Yes, Here You Are, not knowing How To Love, have no idea Who To Love, and are even wondering if Love is for You at all. And as silly as this sounds, because Love is the quintessential ingredient that gave life to everything and Every Being, and is the reason why this whole Universe is still going about, but You still want to deny love, or actually believe that you can turn your back on Love. All because You just refuse to listen to your heart at every turn, although it is constantly telling you, and making you feel, all the right things that you must do, all the right roads you must take, and is always guiding you to the right and perfect person just for You. Again, You sabotage love, again you start using your mind to allow Fear to become your heart, to allow Doubt to melt with your heart, to permit Past Hurt to kick out Love and your heart, and take their place. 

 How to fall in love...

And each time that The Universe brings Your Soul Mate, you start to find things that are wrong with him or her, or you start to make up lies about that person, as well as being delusional about what is really taking place between you and that great person. And so once again, for How To Love, you refuse to allow love in, when it needs to be let in. But you are quick to allow the wrong person in your life, just because your mind is telling you to, just because Society has conditioned You to only love the sexy, the trendy, the nice looking, the smooth talker, the great money maker, and the one who is so great in bed... But you never take the time to listen to your heart, and get the person who was made just For You, and not the one that you think will allow you to show off. But one thing I can guarantee you is that, the love that your heart wants you to get, will be your opposite, and will never be who you expected. So Fall In Line, And Learn How To Love Perfectly... Just By Listening To Your Heart... Your Love Advocate, Dr. James Dazouloute

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