How To Invest With These 3 Easy Ways

 3 easy ways to invest

How To Invest... Since no matter what you do, you have been very wrong so far about the Stock Market, about the little business around the corner, about your friend's little idea for a start up 5 years ago. And not to forget that when it comes to Investment, you have even picked the wrong Financial Adviser every time, and to make matters worse, the few times that they have been right by giving You the right advice about a stock going up, then you have developed your own argument in your head, as to why you shouldn't move on that advice. So what are you to do Fellow Money Getter? And how are you to make a living in this very confusing world of money-getting. So for How To Invest, I intend to share with you today, the 3 easy ways to deal with every type of investment that comes your way... and then you will be rich beyond measure.

How To Invest... First Easy Way: Beware Of Owner Confidence.
Please Fellow Money Getter, stop believing this old Myth: If You Own It... It's Worth A Lot. And as much as I'd like to congratulate You on every investment you ever got involved in, it is not going to happen. Because whether you have invested in buying an Old School Vehicle, whether you have invested in the New I.P.O. (Initial Public Offering) of a startup company, or whether you have put your hands on this great little Foreclosure House down the street, You have got to get rid of Owner Confidence. And that is because The Universe along with Life, have their own plans for you, for your brothers and sisters, and some of those plans include: Success, Learning lessons, Failures, Unexpected events, Love, Money, Power, Abuse, Mistrust... All to shape and mold you and them, into the perfect beings in life. So remember that when you own an investment, that it may not be worth as much as you think, because Life probably allowed you to get it as a learning vehicle, so you could know what to look out for later on, and make Billions.

Second Way For How To Invest: Control Your Prejudice In Buying Investments.
When it comes to jumping into an investment, whether you found it yourself, your Broker advises you, or a friend offers you a partnership... You must stop having your pre-conceived ideas about what investments are good, and which ones are bad. Because you of all people, already know and experienced many times over, that the investment you didn't think much of - was the one that blew up. And the ones you knew for sure, like technology stocks, like I.P.Os., Like Medicine Stocks, were going to go up, ended up being the worst blunder you have ever gotten into. So starting today, stop living with Myths about Investing, and just do your research, but along with that, Always, Always factor in events that will pop up and are beyond your control. Such as a war breaks out, a class action lawsuit, Mother Nature and her wrath. And then you will succeed beyond your dreams.

How To Invest... Third Easy Way: No Depression When Loss Comes, No Happiness When Gains Arrive.
As an Investor, you must learn to control your emotions. Because emotions make you feel way more than you should, and they make you get involved or do things that Common Sense would tell you not to. And you see this with the guy who caught A.I.D.S. from that Prostitute, he knew he should have used a rubber, but his emotions of happiness and sexiness were so high that he threw caution to the wind. And I used that example, because it is one of the worst thing that can happen to a brother and sister, because their life will soon be gone. And so for you, there must always be, In The Middle Emotions. Meaning, stocks go up, you knew they would eventually. Stocks go down, you knew they would eventually. And so there is no need for you to get agitated or super happy about an Investment. Because being either way, will make you either get involved much deeper when you should pull out, or make you pull out today when you should have stayed for 6 more months. So Invest With Your Head, And Not Your Heart. 

And remember, The Universe is your friend, and is not out to destroy you, as well, Your Higher Self is constantly connected to God and knows all things in the Universe, and it is only your Human Self who forgot everything. But, your Higher Self is that first feeling, that first instinct you get the moment you encounter an investment, the moment that you step into something. And that is the only time, the first 3 seconds, that your Higher Self will advise you perfectly about that situation, that person, that investment. And then your Human mind will always come in afterward, and begin to use very short and unlearned logic, to try to persuade you. And this is why you have heard: Trust Your First Instinct Always, Or, Sleep On It - because if you ignored the first 3 seconds of perfect wisdom, then many times in your sleep, when Your Pride has lowered itself, your Higher Self will give you another chance. So Take It.... Your Business Coach,  James Dazouloute


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