How To Get Rich, 5 Quick Ways To Get Money Honestly

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How to get rich? It is the big question you and I always ask ourselves. For we must provide for ourselves and our loved ones, and we must also provide, even after our death, for our loved ones, like the Rockefeller s, the Kennedy s. And furthermore, how to get rich is also a dream passed down from generation to generation that most of the times never get realized properly by even one person in the family. And with every idea we have, every opportunity we chase and every venture we invest in, those are all attempts to answer that big question for ourselves and our loved ones, how to get rich?. Well my friend, today I will share with you 5 quick and easy ways to get rich by getting money honestly.

First way on how to get rich is to start and "ESSO". 
What is an "E S S O" you ask?. It is a way to bring in people to give you all the money you need to use now, and repay them monthly so they too could get all the money they need then. An " E S S O " started out way back during slavery time, but it is mostly used nowadays by island people like the Haitians, Jamaicans and Cubans. You see dear friend, back in slavery time and to this day, some people could not get a loan or do not want to deal with banks charging high interests. A group of say, 20 people get together and open a pot of $10,000 for 20 months, where each person puts in $500, and  the pot has an administrator, and hands are created and assigned. So If you get first hand, you get first $10,000 that month, and next month someone else gets second hand with $10,000 and so on. After you get your hand, you still put your $500, and in the meantime you have a big amount of money to use to jump start your biz and get rich honestly with no laws, no interest, no paperwork. Just word of mouth and handshake, and you may ask: What if I just get my $10,000 and then I just do not put my $500 in the pot every month so other people could get their hand?. I would not recommend that to you dear friend, for in those communities those people live by their  own set of laws and it usually is Voodoo or Santaria. So they  will ask evil spirits to kill you and your family, and believe me if you ' re guilty in the spiritual realm it does not matter whether you believe or not, you will be touched. You may not believe in the Devil but he believes in you and your kids. Enough said, just do the right thing.

Second way to get rich with money honestly is to do a fund raising. 
You see there are plenty of people who just love to give their money away, it makes them feel good, and they are lending to God and His universe in doing so. You just have to give them a good cause. So do you have a pet that is sick or a child with a bad disease?. Or do you have a business idea and you need venture capital?. People love to invest their money in good causes and good financial investments. So develop a business plan, or if you have any big needs, just use Craigslist or Ebay Classifieds and write a small paragraph, and let people know what you need. Believe me people are not stupid, they know when they give to you it is karma and it will come back to them, or if they invest in your ideas they will make a great return. For how to get rich, go ahead and let people know.

Third way to get money honestly is to apply for grants. 
For everything you want to do online there is somebody who has millions and want to give some of it away as part of 'their charitable contributions. And then there is also the government who has just about a program for anything you can think of. The beautiful thing about the Internet is that every connection  you need online is accessible by computer. So you can just type in "Grants" and you will get all the information you will ever need to get you rich in honest ways. Also people need to relate, so when you need a grant do find people in your areas of interest who are always giving their money. For example, there may be a rich guy like myself who started out poor and came from another country, so anyone who is from that country, poor and have a need he will give his money to and get a tax deduction for his Philanthropic organization. So go get your cash now.

Fourth way is to build you a biz online, and that is the quickest way on how to get rich quick and get money honestly. 
For online, you set up and start a whole new business in one day; compared to a brick and mortar where you have to rent, get permits, inventory, employees, utilities, security, etc. Of course that is if you know what you are doing, for many have tried online and many more have failed. But building a successful biz online is not that hard, and the most important thing is to find out what do people want. Because you see, people will never buy what they really need, they will buy what they really want. For example, how many times do you know of someone to buy the cheapest cell phone to call their loved ones, and keep that phone for 5 years or more?. No my friend, people will not buy the basic phone they really need, they will buy what is hot and in style and expensive, just so they could show off and brag. For vanity is in all of us, so use that to your advantage and get rich quick and honestly. So get a product everyone wants, build a website, get some traffic and sell, sell, sell. Reach your goal.

Fifth quick way to get money honestly, and very best way on how to get rich, is to join others in their endeavor and established businesses. 
For example do not try to take forever to build a product and years with pending patents and market testing. No dear friend, instead find not one, but at least 10 products that people want and go to these websites that are well established and ask to join them as partner, agent or affiliate, what ever term you want to call it. They will either create a replica of their web page and assign one to you with a code, or if you already have a website they will give you an assigned Html code, and just put it on your website as a banner. Then get some customer traffic and send them there and get paid daily. Also do join a couple of multi level marketing companies with great products that people want, because with them you not only get paid when your customers buy or sign up for something, but you also get paid when you bring in somebody as agent as well. And when their customer buys or sign up, you get paid. And when that agent bring in another agent who gets a customer you get paid that way too. So you are going down in levels deep, and thus the name of multi level marketing. So get rich quick that way too by having people underneath you with all their own business selling. James Dazouloute


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