Disaster Preparedness, How Not To Fear And Face It Head On.

 How to overcome disaster...

Disaster-Preparedness is a Bi - word that by the very sound of it strikes fear in your heart, and yet it should not do that. But with all the news coverages around us and even what we experience ourselves in nature, we do know that Disasters are all around us whether Man made or GOD made. And you should not fear disasters for they have been around since the world began, and at every stage of man 's progress. Only you should get ready for them, and that my dear friend is what I will share with you today so you could protect yourself and safeguard all your loved ones. This is a general article about Disaster Preparedness, and so I will give you just the basics. 

To begin with, Please do not say you don 't believe in this or you don 't believe in that. As this seems what most ignorant people will say when they hear of something that is bigger than them, because it takes away their responsibility to find out the truth or even try to safeguard themselves. Disasters to come are sometimes heard as part of Prophecies, Revelations and Predictions. Whether they are Man made or God made, we should all do our duties to investigate by first looking all around us for what is happening, and also study History. For if History teaches us anything, is that History will always repeat itself as part of the great cycle. Now the very best advice I am giving you is to always, always watch the Animals that are around you for the best signs that something terrible is happening or about to happen. For you see Animals are not as arrogant as us Mankind, they live in harmony with Mother Earth and the Universe, and so they know when something bad is about to happen. Animals including your pets will start acting really funny when there is Danger, or will take off running in a wild direction. Just like the great Tsunami of 2004 in Indonesia, when the Ocean waves were retracting, all the Animals were running away toward the mountains and us Humans we kept heading toward the Ocean to look at the empty space, and then Bam, a 100 feet wall of waves swept off everything in its path.

 How to face disasters...

Disaster Preparedness is easy to do if you have enough time to get ready for it. And let us look at a few ways for you to start. First, for any type of Disaster you will need a strong shelter, for Man in his fragile form can not brave against Nature - Air, Water, Earth and Fire. So always do your best to move away from Nature when it is having a fit. And a shelter to protect your body is paramount for a Hurricane, Tornado, Earthquake, Radiation and Tsunami. Most concrete solid buildings with iron bars inside the walls will do the trick, and if you can have a concrete roof with a lot of iron bars in it to hold everything in place is your best bet. And that is why Schools, and Government buildings are usually chosen as Shelters.

Another way of dealing with Disaster Preparedness, is to ensure that wherever you are you have enough Food, water, Clothing and Light. So let us focus on Home Preparedness for a Disaster as most Disasters will last from a few seconds to up to a day, and the aftermath is what you should prepare for until all basic services are restored by your local Government. 
Remember for a Level 1 preparedness, you should have enough of all the supplies mentioned above for at least 3 days for you and your loved ones. For a Level 2, you should have at least 60 days of supplies for you and yours; and for a Level 3, at least for 90 days or more. And also remember Man made Disasters could be Wars, Radiation, Nuclear fall out, Acid rain, Oil spills etc...So do not be surprised if you and yours have to last on your own for 90 days of more.

Additionally Disaster Preparedness is as much about mental as it is physical. Especially if you have Children, you must have some way to comfort them and yourself. So try to have some food that is their favorite, or something that always brought you or them comfort, and always lots of lights. For we are children of Light and Darkness scare all of us.

By now you already know that for food, Canned foods are very good for they last for a couple of years and Dried foods last for at least a decade. Water by the gallons usually will last for at least a year. Do store up your valuable documents in a Fire proof safe and inside plastic bags, in case it is a fire and then a flood. Gasoline can be stored for up to a year if you use " Iso Heet " to remove the moisture and clean the deposits. Also have on hands a big roll of plastic sheeting and a roll of duct tape for windows. And Lights come in a variety of forms like: candles, lamps, flashlights and others. Last but not least, always have some cash in small denominations like 20s', because after a disaster most stores will not have power to accept cards, and most people who are selling on the street will need cash. And extremely important, do have a portable radio so you could know what is going on and what the government is doing, and that will give some music to help you relax as well.

So you see dear friend, Disaster Preparedness is easy to do if you first take a look at your living arrangement and see how strong your house or apartment is, and if they are weak you will need to evacuate to a shelter. And then always keep a steady supply in your pantry of canned foods, dried foods, water, light and clothing along with some cash on hands. And so that way you will not have to be living in Fear whenever you hear of an impending Disaster, or if you see your animal behaving strangely or start dying around you. Be mindful of the times that we live in, and remember there is always a Disaster lurking around you whether Man made or GOD made. James Dazouloute

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