Breast Cancer Symptoms, All The Basics You Need To Know

Dear Friend this is a disease not to be taken lightly in any way, shape, form or imagination. For I assure you, many lives have been taken unnecessarily where otherwise that should never have been; and all it would have taken would be to know what to look for. 

For the first apparent symptom of breast cancer, 
Breast lumps are sometimes painless, although some may cause a prickly sensation. Lumps are usually visible on a mammogram long before they can be seen or felt, and that is mostly because the machines can see the slightest abnormality. And the most common type of breast pain is related to our hormones during a monthly cycle. Stimulated by the estrogen and progesterone during the second half of the cycle, the breasts swell and become more lumpy and tender. Then with a period, while the uterus sloughs off its lining, the breasts reabsorb the extra fluid instead of discharging it. At different times, often in the years before menopause, the hormones are a bit off balance and the breasts suffer more tenderness. 

 Breast cancer symptoms...

And many women can very well identify when they ovulate by the sensations in their breast or nipples. 
For some women this may mean too little or too much estrogen, for others too little progesterone. This type of cyclic breast pain occurs in both breasts, sometimes more one-sided than another and is also very noticeable. It is often felt more in the lateral aspect where there is more breast tissue. It may differ from month to month but always gets worse before a period and then lets up with menstruation.

Your risk of developing breast cancer increases as you get older. 
The majority of advanced breast cancer cases are found in women over age 50. Women are 100 times more likely to get breast cancer than men. Family history of breast cancer -- You may also have a higher risk for breast cancer if you have a close relative who has had breast, uterine, ovarian, or colon cancer. About 20 - 30% of women with breast cancer have a family history of the disease. Genes -- Some people have genes that make them more prone to developing breast cancer. The most common gene defects are found in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes. These genes normally produce proteins that protect you from cancer. But if a parent passes you a defective gene, you have an increased risk for breast cancer. Women with one of these defects have up to an 80% chance of getting breast cancer sometime during their life. Menstrual cycle -- Women who get their periods early (before age 12) or went through menopause late (after age 55) have an increased risk for breast cancer. 

 How to know if you have breast cancer...

For many women, it’s very useful to track their breast pain and any other symptoms of hormonal imbalance during their menstrual cycles. 
Also some types of breast cancer will have their own set of symptoms. Inflammatory breast cancer symptoms are like that. It can make the breast very red, feel really hard and get really sore. Sometimes it gets all bumpy like you have small hives where it is inflamed. Pagent’s disease can look like a really itchy, red scaly rash and most people will mistake it for eczema until it gets diagnosed as a type of breast cancer. When in doubt, get it checked out. 

The very best advice for you is to constantly pay attention to your body. For you dear Friend, know yourself much better than anyone or any Doctor. 
You know when a pain has started, you feel when a new bump is anywhere in your body and you are aware of any abnormalities at anytime within you. So please, I beg of you to quickly start doing your monthly self test, even daily. Ultimate Freedom is to Take your Health in your own Hands. James Dazouloute

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 Breast cancer symptoms

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