Become Bounty Hunter, And Be A Hero Protecting Society

 Why be a bounty hunter

Become bounty hunter, kick some doors and arrest some bad guys and then make big money right?. I mean it is supposed to be that easy right dear friend?. Well it could be if you know what you are doing and have been trained properly, and then follow certain codes and live a very detached lifestyle. And so today we are going to explore how to become a bounty hunter and be a hero protecting society.

First I will help you understand what is a bounty hunter and what is his / her job?. So a bounty hunter is somebody who goes out looking for a person that was supposed to go back to court, after they had posted bail and then just decides they are going in hiding instead, or just plain ignore going to court by not recognizing the legality of our laws. And a bounty hunter or bail fugitive recovery specialist, or bail enforcement agent finds that person and then place them under arrest, and bring them in to get paid, and for that person to stand trial. And usually the bounty hunter is hired by the bail bondsman who had put up the money for that person to get out of jail, and to return back to court at an appointed date. Additionally, if that person fails to return to court, then the bail bondsman loses all his money he put up unless he can find that person ( Violent or not ) and bring them back to the court. And that is what a bounty hunter does.

And as a bounty hunter, you would enjoy more powers than a security guard, and more freedom than the Police as they are restricted to their jurisdiction, city or state and you are not. And to be a hero in protecting society is the fundamental reason why you would become a bounty hunter, because you would want everyone to have their day in court, and you also definitely would not want for a murderer, rapist, robber and violent criminal to be staying next door to someone 's sister, mother, father or even pets. And again, you have the freedom in your job to go just about any where in America, and sometimes the World to catch a criminal and bring them back to court, so the law can determine whether or not they are guilty. And please, do not always assume that every person who goes on the run for skipping bail is guilty, for people have different reasons as to why they would not want to return back to court. Maybe they will be deported, maybe they were framed, and maybe they just know where they live at they will be found guilty no matter what, because of the color of their skin. And maybe they are just plain guilty.

Now the biggest quality you need as a bounty hunter is patience, as it is not like in television where everything happens fast. You have to spend hours and hours like a Detective following a lead, or parking in front of a house doing stake - out, or hours following someone that may lead you to your target. Also you have to do some computer work and have technological skills, as the more gadgets you know how to use the easier it will be for you to track down your package and bag them. So before any schooling or formal training, learn to look for something around your house that is tiny and hard to find, learn to ask basic questions and talk to those around you, learn to use gadget that will help you locate that tiny item. And if you can not find that tiny thing in a day or two, what is your emotional level. Since looking for a fugitive will be like looking for a needle in a hay stack, because America is so big and the world is enormous.

Now to begin becoming a bounty hunter and be a hero protecting society, you have to go to school. And no don 't just go to a college, although they will all claim that they can teach law enforcement, security, bounty hunter and so on. No, you want to go to a place that actually has a bounty hunter who is currently licensed and in the field, and that person teaches on a part time basis, because that is the best. And if you can not get that teacher or school in your home town, then look for a teacher who is retired from the business of bounty hunting but does stay current on laws and events. For you do not want some old gizzards in a wheel chair who is out of touch, telling you back in the days.

Another step is to see whether or not you have courage, as the class is being taught and you are being taken to different levels of training. And please dear friend do not be ashamed or too macho to admit that something is not for you. For it is not an easy thing to go after a guy who already has 2 strikes, and the law says if he goes to jail one more time it will be for life. And so that guy has nothing to lose and he has been in gangs, he may have killed many times and he is well trained from the gangs and prison dirty fights. So now here you are having to go look for this guy, and you are trying to take his last bit of freedom away from him, also he has nothing to lose. Then ask yourself, with you and your family to think about, along with all the great pleasures of life do you have the courage and determination it takes to go after such a person?. After all his goal will be to kill you, and your goal will be to only put him under arrest and bring him to court, no more.

And if becoming bounty hunter is for you, then please learn all you can about this profitable business. Also, to become a hero protecting society you will need to network with the Police, with your community and with plain strangers. After all look at Batman and Superman they all network, for if you do not then how are you going to get all your information, you can never know everything. So Learn not to be shy and do learn how to ask for help as well.
Additionally do invest in your business, meaning do not just get a pair of handcuff and think you are good to go, for as a bounty hunter you will need all kinds of tools to make your job and your life easier. Like a great laptop with constant access worldwide to the web, and access to the criminal information system and deep background sites. 

You will also need your badge, certifications, radio for you and your team along with one that gets on the Police channel. And bullet proof vests, and you will need at least a couple of those, since the hardcore fugitives will be shooting at you constantly and once one is damage a couple of times you might want to switch. Also guns,and again you should always carry 2, and get something that fits you. Because I see this all the time, guys try to be a macho and get a long gun and yet they have short fingers, or they get a heavy gun and are not muscular, so it always feel heavy, so get something that is very liable and will shoot with dirt in it, because in your profession you will be wrestling with your meal ticket on the ground often. A Great taser gun that shoots at least 20 feet away and can subdue at least a 300 pounds man - because that will be what you want to use most of the times since your goal is to capture your meal ticket, not kill him. Also pepper spray as that will be your first weapon of choice to subdue your fugitive, then the taser to knock him down, after that a wasp or heavy baton to defend yourself, and then finally your guns to protect yourself and others. And add to that any form of technology and spy gear that will help you do your job quicker, safer and easier.

And remember, As a bounty hunter being a hero protecting society, you have a little bit more leeway than the Police, in that when you go looking for someone who skipped their bail, you do not have to have a warrant to enter their residence or place of business, and you can do covert operations to capture that person. Also you can even go undercover to gather intelligence and resources, but only for that for you want to clearly identify yourself visually and with credentials when you are making an arrest.

Now you have graduated, you need to go out and market yourself. But because you are freshed out of school most bail bondsman may not want to take a chance on you, so you may have to tag along with other experienced bounty hunters for about 3 to 6 months and get some real live experience, even though in school they may have taken you to a couple of raids. And again do not forget to start networking, by making friends with Police officers and letting them know who you are and what you do, but please always do so in a very humble manner as the Police have an ego the size of a mansion, for they see themselves as the only top dog protecting sheeps, and so they look down on your profession as well as security guards, bouncers, bodyguards, etc. Your Legal Advocate, James Dazouloute

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 How to become a bounty hunter

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