Against drunk driving, what to do and not do to help your society

 Why you must not drive drunk...

Against drunk driving?, what to do and not do to help your society is a task that always weigh heavily on your heart and your conscience. And as you look at television, be on the Internet and listen to the radio, you are constantly being bombarded with news of another wonderful human being having been killed from Drunk Driving. It always saddens you and then you come to the conclusion that some things must be done about drunk driving to stop these senseless killings. For after all, the human life and spirit within are very precious to the Universe, and for a life, sometimes a young life even, to be snuffed out is an atrocity of the worst kind. So what to do and not do?. 

What first to do about drunk driving is to realize that when a life is taken as a result of a drunk driving crash, that it is not only that life of the male or the female that has been taken, but rather a whole generation that was to come. For you see my dear reader, each life of a young male or female has a destiny and is also able to give life to other human beings that too have a destiny. And when that life is gone, that dead person will not be able to give life to their son or daughter, and their son or daughter will never exist to be able to give life to a grandson or granddaughter and so on. Additionally, imagine if Abraham Lincoln had never been born or George Washington, or even Christopher Columbus. Where would America Be today?, and where would you or I be born?. So now you do see the seriousness of death as a result of drunk driving, and how deep are the effects of a death?.

Second thing to do to help your society is to stand against drunk driving in every way, shape or form. And as usual it always begin with you, as you must not add to the problem or even become a taker of life yourself. You must always ensure that before you even take that first glass of liquor or that bottle of beer, that you already plan out the rest of your day as to whether or not you will be driving to anywhere. So if you are at an event, a function, a bar or a club and even at friend's house, you have always heard from all alcohol commercials that you must have a designated driver if you plan to have at least one drink of liquor. And one drink?. You might ask, yes my friend. Let me remind you that even in wars or gang life and the Mafia world, it has always been said that the first life you take, be it by accident or by murder. The face of that person always stays with you in daytime, in your dreams and in your head, and it doesn't matter if you kill a thousand afterwards, the first person you ever kill is the one you will see a thousand time. So your own personal hell will begin right here right now. Please my friend, avoid all this. If you are a drinker who is also driver, then drink responsibly and plan what and how you're going to go about the rest of your day before you put that first drink in your mouth and bloodstream.

Another way to be against drunk driving and help your society is to not become a judge of drinkers of alcohol. Judging people of their lifestyle is the surest way for you not to ever make a difference. Rather, always encourage your friends, co - workers and acquaintances to do what is right, responsible and preventive when it comes to drunk driving. Also have discussions about the dangers of drinking and then driving in reference to taking a life, and on a legal standpoint as far as the Police is concerned when they pull someone over who has been drinking and driving. And do remind your people as well, that it takes years to build up a career, a reputation, a lifestyle, a family. And yet it only takes one or two drinks and then get behind the wheels of a car for an accident to happen, or for the Police to pull you over, and in an instant your life and everything you have worked for will change for the worst. Remember my dear reader, that drinking by itself is not a problem or a crime, we are talking about drinking and then driving. So be just when dealing with drunk driving.

Lastly, you must recognize that our brothers and sisters in society drink to relax, to have a good time, or to fight depression and even for escapism. And then some of them drive afterwards because of lack of thinking, because of pride that makes them think they can handle it, also because of a fallen support system where sometimes they have no one they can ask for a ride, to go to and fro. So you have to place yourself in a position where you can offer at least one of those things or more as a form of support, in order to become effective in your fight against drunk driving to help society. And you have to get involved in the lives of the people that you know, and stay involved in order to save not just one life but whole generations that are to come for the next 200 years or more. 

And please, never fail to encourage a person who has a drinking problem to seek help, or to go to a rehabilitation center where they can help that person deal with the real reason why that person abuses alcohol so much. For again you will be saving that one life, from medical problems down the road, and then you will be saving their gene pool from alcohol addiction before they can pass it down in their bloodline, and it becomes hereditary in their family. You already know this. James Dazouloute


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