10 Ways Mother Nature Amazes Us

 Types Of Life Around Us...

When it comes to life from Mother Nature, it will always find a way and it does not need your help. Because Mother Nature has been around for billions of years, and she is as wise as God and as powerful, since the two work hand in hand and will never turn on one another. So you must start to recognize that you are the problem Beloved, you are the ignorant one who ignores all types of truths but only want to accept your own illusions and hallucinations about how things work. But it does not have to be so my dear friend, because all you have to do is begin to accept Truth, begin to fall in line with how the Universe works, begin to appreciate all the different types of life that have been placed there for you to enjoy and to better you. And that is all because God, the Universe along with Mother Nature, they all love you, they all have the best for you in mind, and they all want to help better you, so this is why you have learned that All Lives, in all shapes and forms are All Interconnected. So if one was to disappear, then the others, including your life, would soon disappear. So don't disappear my friend, don't become extinct, don't be dumb, just appreciate all types of life around you. And Allow Me To Begin Helping You. Your Nature Advocate, James Dazouloute

Rainbow Roses
The artificial looking roses are in fact natural. These were designed and developed by Peter van de Werken in 1993 in his private botanical garden. These are grown by inserting the stem of a rose into various liquid colors . 
Link: EAF
Aurora Jungle Juice
This beautiful concoction is  Aurora Jungle Juice. It is pink in natural light but in dark it goes aquamarine. It’s prepared with gin/vodka, Rose’s Mojito Passion/pink lemonade and gin.
Link:  Pinterest
Multicolored Corns
These naturally grown multicolored corns are quite rich in nutrition, taste and aesthetic look.
Link: EGEO
Belgian Blue Super Cow
Super Cow, or Belgian Blue, is a breed of beef cattle from Belgium that is well popular for its sculpted, heavily muscled appearance, and is also called as “double-muscling” cow.
Link: KP
Rainbow Ants
Check the following ants who have filled their abdomens with colorful food stuff. These rainbow ants are natural and are a result of amazing experiment carried out by  Mohamed Babu  who captured these photographs when her wife realized that some ants had turned white after drinking split milk.
ants.2antsLink: DailyMail
Cute Caterpillars: 
This caterpillar is just cute…. but it is not actually a caterpillar… it is a flock of birds sitting closest to each other to survive in harsh winter.  The images were photographed and presented on net and became viral within few hours.
Link: TIC
World’s Fluffiest Bunny:
Yes this Angora Rabbit is in fact world’s fluffiest bunny  that seems like a bundle of cotton instead of a real bunny.
angora-rabbit-4[3]Link: OestTV
Tinny Baby Chameleons:
These cute and tinny baby chameleons are very odd and people like to keep them in their house as pets.
Link: Pinterest
Deadliest Stingray Fish:
These are in fact killer ones. Can jump out of water for killing anyone around them.
Link: Veooz
Tallest Palm Tree:
Wax Palm, mainly found in Colombia, is the tallest palm tree in the world. It can reach a height of 70 metre ( almost 250 ft).
palmLink: Reddit
Tinniest Bunnies:
This group of world’[s tinniest bunnies have created a great buzz on the net. These are really cute and odd.
Link: Joyreactor
Featherless Mutant Chicken:
The bioscientists and the experts in genetics have created a new breed of chicken which is very odd looking , just have a look.
Link: NewScientist

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 10 ways Mother Nature amazes us

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