Why You Must Save Your Semen Even In Your Relationship.

 Purpose of sperm...

Value Of Semen... Is probably something that never crosses your mind, especially if you enjoy having sex all the time. Or if you love greatly the idea of being wanted and being flirted with, as that builds up your confidence and even gets you aroused. But what is the real value of your semen? And why do you hear in the Bible that 2 virgins get together, and then after just one time, the female is with child? And why did your mother keep telling when you were a teenager that if you keep on pleasuring yourself to orgasm, that you would go blind? Well I intend to help you to understand the real value of your semen and why it is so important to keep it where it belongs?

 Value Of Semen..

Semen is the main essence of your blood, 
Because it supports life. And when the Father's sperm is released, it carries with it life for a spiritual being who wants to drop down in this universe to have a physical experience. And it has been studied by many in the medical field, and it was found out that just 1 drop of semen is equaled to 40 drops of blood. And there are even teachings in the Spiritual arena, like in the Ayurveda, that 1 drop of semen is pulled from 80 drops of blood. Also semen draws the very best from what the blood has to offer, and it is the essence of essences.

Your semen strengthens greatly your heart, 
Your mind and your body. And the job of the two testicles is to secrete the semen from the blood, drop by drop. And then there are two ducts that carry it to the vesiculae seminalis. And of course during orgasm,  the sperm exits violently and forcefully into the urethra and then out. Also when you are aroused, your entire Central Nervous System is agitated and under shock, and this is one of the reason why afterward you are so tired and so drained. And Dr. Dio Louis remarked  that safeguarding your sperm is of the utmost importance to maintain the great level of strength in your body. As well. Dr. E.P. Miller also thinks that: All waste of spermatic secretions, whether voluntary of involuntary, is a direct waste of the life force. And so you are beginning to see the extreme importance of your sperm, and why you must save yours to have great health.

 Semen and sex what to know...

Additionally, when you pleasure yourself to orgasm, You send outside 
of you, all the great energy that helps you to think like a Genius, that helps you  to love so perfectly without hatred, and that helps you to connect to the Source and have your body in a constant mode of superior health. And for each time that you throw out your semen, because of the substantial loss of energy, you are diminished. And that will diminish your vision little by little, that will diminish your power of concentrations, that will diminish your ability to heal yourself, that will diminish your ability to stay calm during conflicts because your nerves are shattered. Also you will get angry for every little thing, you will suffer from depression each time things do not go your way, since your energy to deal with disappointments are gone and have been drained. 

And even in the Spiritual Texts, when it comes to semen being spilled out, even 
God says not to come to Him in prayer if you just had sex, as you are diminished and defiled. And you have to wait until nighttime, or the beginning of the new day to go into prayer. And this is why the Virgins are always the favorites of the gods, because their health is perfect, their eyes are pure, and they have not lost precious and vital energy by throwing out semen. Also in children you see this, when you hear that they can see spirits or Angels, or have a great gift. All because they have not lost the best their blood had to offer, by throwing away over and over what is the most precious.

 Why you should not waste your sperm...

And for women it is just the same, 
as for them it is the ovaries. And when a woman keeps on having sex and having many children, then she loses the luster in her eyes, the beauty in her cheeks, the strength in her body, and her beautiful form. And another way to look at the value of semen, is to think of it as a car when you were born, you came with a full tank of gas. And when you started having sex, you kept depleting your fuel amount (Even though afterward the body replenishes it - but it is never the same pure amount as when you were a virgin, also you waste it again and again), which enables you to run at 60 miles per hour, to have your air conditioning operating, and to have all your parts moving as a perfect working machine. And you know what happens when you finally run out of gas. And so it is with the value of your sperm. So it is when you lose your life force over and over again. And then your health will be as good as 2 Dollar Bill.

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 Semen and sex...

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