Why Does Shopping Feel So Good To You.

 Why you love to shop...

Why Does Shopping Feel So Good To You, and why does it seem like you can't get of enough of this activity no matter how much of it you perform? And it's not just about the spending or the buying of something new, because if that was the case you would be buying a new car every week with $0.00 down and great credit. But shopping is a psychological factor, it is something that you do for subconscious reasons, for emotional reasons, for childhood reasons, for self esteem reasons, for unresolved issues reasons, and for feeling good reasons. All because this activity provides an avenue of escape from all that you have to deal with and from complex issues.

And so it feels so good shopping because each and every time you do it, you have the chance to feel special, to feel appreciated, to feel happy, to feel liberated, to feel like you are decompressing and to know that you are getting things that you really want. And sometimes you may not be able to afford them financially, other times you may be running from issues, and even on different occasions you may be filling a void or even trying to fill a hole that can not be filled.

But for whatever reason that you have deep down inside your mind, your heart and body, you shop to feel the rush, to feel the excitement, to experience contentment, to feel alive, to feel sexy, to know that you are the first one to possess an item that almost everyone else wanted. So the important thing to remember is that: 1. You must maintain a level head on your spending and shopping habit. 2. You must not create a pattern of running from unresolved issues constantly by always going shopping. And all because you know that every single area of life must be lived in moderation, and too much of anything will always control you and then seek to destroy you. So with those things in mind, continue your shopping adventures.... Your shopping advocate,  James Dazouloute

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